b'SWING GATE AUTOMATION SYSTEMSMonitoredRetro-Reflective LA500 DC Residential/Light Commercial Photo Eye Swing Gate OperatorMonitored UL 325-2016 Compliant Swing Gates up to 18 FT / 600 LBS Now Withor 12 FT / 1,200 LBSBuilt-InHeater!Power: 110V or 220V single phase 300 cycles per dayTravel speed: 90 opening in 15-17 secondsSecurity+ 2.0 TMtechnology eliminates interferenceReceiver holds up to 50 remotesHomeLink compatibleKeyed manual disconnect 2.0 TechnologyPowerful enough to detect obstructionsWeight: 45 lbsand communicate with the reflector up to 50 ft Photo Eye IncludedRequires power only on one side ITEM# DESCRIPTION Not All Itemsof the installation GTELA500PKGDCSingle Arm Pkg (includes arm & control box) Stocked at ITEM#DESCRIPTION GTELA500XL20W Single Arm Package w/XL Box* (includes arm & control box) All Locations. GTELMRRU Retro-Reflective Photo Eye*includes 20 Watt Solar Panel & 33 AH Battery Please Check with GTELA500DCS40Secondary Arm Only Your Location forFind Compatible 1-ButtonPossible Lead TimesGTELA500DCMaster Arm OnlyTransmitters on Page 33 GTELA500CONTDCControl Box OnlyKPW250RSW12VDC Residential Wireless Keypad & Light Commercial Compatible withSwing Gate OperatorLiftMasterSecurity+ 2.0 ,Swing Gates up Security+, and to 16FT / 600 LBSLinear Muti-Codereceivers Cycling up to 250 times Zinc alloy cover per day250 code capacity On-board radio receiver; up to 50 remotesITEM#DESCRIPTION Soft start/stop operationGTXWKP250LMWireless Keypad Inherent obstruction KPW5sensingWireless Keypad External obstruction Compatible withsensing inputsLiftMaster One 7AH battery standardSecurity+ 2.0 Timer to closereceivers only Can be solar powered High impact(optional) 2.0 Technologypolycarbonate cover Includes Battery Backup5 code capacity Photo Eye IncludedITEM#DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTIONGTXWKP5LMWireless Keypad GTERSW12VDC12 Volt Residential Operator ww.sss-steel.com 11'