b'SWING GATE AUTOMATION SYSTEMSTORO 24 Swing Gate Operator Compatible Items Swing Gates up to 16 FT / 800 LBS forSwing Easy Limit Switch SetupChoose from AC or Solar Powered 24V System Gate OperatorsBackup BatteryColor-Coded Wiring for Arm ITEM#DESCRIPTIONExtensive Photo-Eye Wiring InstructionsGTEBT12AC 7AHManual Key Release GTTBATSOLAR14AHBuilt-In Volt Meter Multi-Code LED Indicators for LimitsMagnetic Switches for Easy Access andIndustrial Grade Slide Adjustment Radio ReceiverEnglish / Spanish Diagnostic ScreenProgrammable Logic Board Supplied with whip antenna, three feet Not All Items Advanced Charge Controller Enhanced forof coaxial cable and Stocked atSolar Applicationsbulkhead connector ( MHz) ) )All Locations. Large Control Box for Accessories withCATALOG #DESCRIPTION Auto voltage sensing ( (300 Please Check with Keyed Lock GTTT24A TORO Actuator ArmYour Location for Powder-Coated Plated Steel for ExtraGTTT24CBTORO AC Control Box ITEM#DESCRIPTIONPossible Lead Times Rust Protection GTTT24CBSOLTORO Solar Control Box GTA1099 12-24 AC/DC Radio ReceiverBatteries Included with Both Solar & AC GTTT24ACABLE 40 FT Cable GTA9920110v AC Radio ReceiverSW-300 DC Swing Gate Operator Multi-CodeSwing Gates up to 20 FT / 1,200LBS Hand Held TransmittersVisor-clip on back Powered by 9V battery ( MHz) ) )Operates Multi-Code ( (300 Mechanical Foot Pedal Release& DIGI-CODE Receivers24VDC Solar Power Option ITEM# DESCRIPTION Pre-Wired Loop Detector Rack GTA3089Single Button TransmitterIntegrated Battery Backup GTA4120Two Button Transmitter5 Year Commercial / 7 YearGTA4140Four Button TransmitterResidential Warranty Twin Photobeam DetectorsBuilt-In Laser Beam Alignment SystemTwin infrared beamsNon-polarized 24 Volt DC Brushless Motor power inputsInterruption time adjustableRange: 90 ft. outdoors, 190 ft. indoorsITEM # DESCRIPTIONITEM #DESCRIPTIONGTTSW300SW-300 DC Swing Gate OperatorGTAKS96090Photobeam Detectors 18ww.sss-steel.com'