b'SLIDE GATE AUTOMATION SYSTEMSDeimos Operator for Rack Sliding GatesGalvanized Slide Gates up to 1100 LBS Steel Rack Incorporated two-channel rolling Can ONLY be used with BFTcode radio receiver.slidegate operators Self-learning control unit compatible Four-pitch galvanized steel track.with the EElink protocol. ITEM #DESCRIPTION 24V system has been specially GTBACFZ78" Galvanized Steel Track designed for simpler and faster instal-lation in compliance with latest safety Two Channelstandards.Micro-Transmitters Obstruction-sensing device and reverses motion prevents damage to For BFT Gate Operators people and vehicles. Control unit programmingby LCD display.Not All Items Requires Photo Eye Stocked at ( ( (433 MHz) ) ) All Locations.( ( ( 433 MHz ) ) ) Please Check withYour Location forITEM#DESCRIPTIONITEM #DESCRIPTION Possible Lead TimesGTBATRC2Two Channel Transmitter GTBKDEIMOSDeimos Slide Gate OperatorQ-B-TouchIcaro OperatorDigital Keypad for Rack Sliding GatesSlide Gate up to 2200 LBS Incorporated two-channel rolling code radio receiver Control unit with self-learning and self-diagnostic functions of the brake, torque, obstruction detection. Control unit compatible with the EElink protocol. Obstruction-sensing device reverses motion and prevents damage. Digital keypad10 channelsRequires Photo Eye100 combinationsBacklit ( ( ( 433 MHz ) ) )ITEM #ITEM #DESCRIPTIONGTBAWKP GTBSLICAROIcaro Slide Gate Operator ww.sss-steel.com 23'