b'SLIDE GATE AUTOMATION SYSTEMSIncludes 35 ft ofTransformer/#40 Chain Battery ChargerGreat forApollo GateOperator Batteries1050 Circuit Board( ( 433.92 MH z) ) )Model 7351KPad-MountedResidential Slide Gate OperatorCharges battery & safely Slide Gates up tomaintains charge during inactivity30 FT / 1000 LBS Protects against over-charge orNot All Items short circuitStocked at Includes Photo EyeAll Locations. Fully automaticUses Apollo 1050 circuit board Plugs into household 110 volt Please Check with Built-in 7 day timer CATALOG #DESCRIPTION 1.5 amp trickle charge Your Location for Built-in Diagnostics GTS73001K Slide OperatorPossible Lead Times Slowdown open and close GTA12VBattery ITEM# 12V system-solar compatibleGTS210 10 Watt Solar Panel GTS404 Solar PanelsIncludes 35 ft of #40 Chain Includes Photo Eye1050 Circuit Board( ( 433.92 MH z) ) )Model 7251KMaintains gate operator batteriesPost-Mounted in remote locationsResidential SlidePanel Brackets on Page 59Gate Operator ITEM #VOLTWATTDIMENSIONSGTS20112512.9" x 8.5"Slide Gates up toGTS220122022" x 14.2"30 FT / 1000 LBS GTS22024 242022.9 x 14.2Uses Apollo 1050 circuit board GTS240124026.2" x 21.2"Built-in 7 day timer CATALOG #DESCRIPTION GTS24024 244026.2 x 21.2Built-in Diagnostics GTS72001K Slide Operator ITEM #DESCRIPTIONSlowdown open and close GTA12VBattery GTSS10L24V24V Solar RegulatorGTS21010 Watt Solar Panel GTSSG412V Solar Regulator12V system-solar compatible26ww.sss-steel.com'