b'SLIDE GATE AUTOMATION SYSTEMS12V Lead-AcidNiceEmpty Batteries External Replacement Non-spillableRadio Steel Control BoxUPS SHIPPABLE Sealed Cap Receiver Includes:LidRechargeable)Push Button75 Amp Hour Universal receiver ( ( 433.92 MH z) )Key Switch2 channels w/memory for up to 63 codes Circuit Board is not IncludedStarting marine Reception Frequency: 52 Ohmbattery IS NOT UPS SHIPPABLE ITEM# DESCRIPTION640 cranking GTS318N12-28 AC/DC Radio Receiveramps availableWing Nut Connectors Millennium KeypadAdjustable hold times can UPS SHIPPABLE be used with Mag-Lock Rechargeableor electric releaseSealed Cap 1 time use flash codefeature Not All Items35 Amp Hour Holds 1000 codes 7-1/2" H 4-3/4" WStocked at 7-24 VAC or VDC 4-1/2" D All Locations.ITEM#SIZE ITEM#DESCRIPTION 18 x 18 x 8 Please Check withGTAUB127509-1/4 H x 10-1/4 W x 6-3/4 D GTA950Hardwired Your Location forGTA12V 9-1/4H x 10-1/4 W x 6-3/4 D GTA951MC300 MHz MultiCode Wireless ITEM#DESCRIPTION Possible Lead TimesGTAUB350 7H x 7-5/8 W x 5-1/8 D GTA951N433 MHz Wireless GTS11111BEmpty Steel Control BoxTwo or Four-ChannelERASlide Operator Drive Era OneWireless Keypad Chain & Master LinkRemote Sizes72-Bit O-Code#40#41#50encodingCompatible w/( ( ( 433.92 MH z) ) ) Stocked in 10 sections. One master link Nice receivers included w/each 10 section Not HomeLinkMaster Links also available separatelycompatible ITEM#DESCRIPTION ITEM#DESCRIPTION GTA41C#41 ChainGTSN2EATwo Button Transmitter GTA40C#40 ChainGTSN4EAFour Button Transmitter GTA50C#50 Chain GTA41CNP#41 Chain Nickel PlatedOXI GTA40CNP#40 Chain Nickel Plated Receiver GTA50CNP #50 Chain Nickel PlatedGTA40CSS #40 Chain Stainless SteelPlug-in receiver GTA50CSS #50 Chain Stainless Steelfor Nice 1050 andThree unique channels - Each with Nice 936 circuitunique access code (Two channels ifGTA41ML#41 Master Linkboardusing FLOX2R receiver) GTA40ML#40 Master Link4-channel Two year battery life GTA50ML#50 Master LinkNot HomeLink( ( 433.92 MH z) ) ) Only compatible with Nice ApolloGTA41MLNP #41 Master Link Nickel Platedcompatible receivers GTA40MLNP#40 Master Link Nickel PlatedITEM#DESCRIPTION ITEM#DESCRIPTION GTA50MLNP#50 Master Link Nickel PlatedGTS1050RV Plug-in Receiver GTSNEKW Wireless Keypad GTA40MLSS#40 Master Link Stainless Steel ww.sss-steel.com 27'