b'SLIDE GATE AUTOMATION SYSTEMSEagle 2000-APTAVI Residential Slide Heavy Duty SlideGate OperatorGate Operator Slide Gate Up to Slide Gate up to 14 FT / 200 LBS50 FT / 2500 LBSIncludes Monitored Designed for high traffic Photo Eyecommercial settings Includes 17 FT of Includes Monitored Photo Eye Nickel-Plated Includes 20 ft of #40ChainNickel-Plated ChainReceiver IncludedBuilt-in State of the Fail secure operation Art Lightning andOpen/Close Delay Surge ProtectionOne Pass (No Tailgate) Fail Secure 24 VDC Output for MAG Lock Option Allows 24 VAC Auxiliary Power Output Gate Manually Opened with CrankIncludes EG650 Eagle Chrome Receiver Not All Items12 Per Second Travel 1/2 HP Continuous Duty Motor; AC Mini Board Stocked at Receiver Included Multiple Inputs for Keypad, Safety Loops, etc. All Locations.26 H x 18W x 17 Depth: Built in 24V DC Input for Mag LockNo AdditionalPlease Check withShipping weight: 150 lbsPower Necessary! Your Location forITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTION Possible Lead TimesGTZ2000APTSlide Operator GTZAVIGRSlide OperatorEagle 2000 FR SlideEagle-2000 1/2 HP CommercialGate Operator Slide Gate OperatorSlide Gate up to Slide Gate up to 45 FT/ 45 FT / 1000 LBS 1000 LBSIncludes MonitoredIncludes 20 ft of #40 Photo Eye Nickel-Plated Chain Includes 20 ft of #40Includes Monitored Nickel-Plated ChainContinuous dutyPhoto Eye1/2 HP motor Available as Fail Safe &Receiver Included Fail Secure Configurations Fail-Safe; when power fails,Receiver Includedgate automatically returns to24 VDC Output for manual mode. MAG LockFail-Secure Gate Operators 24 VAC Auxiliary Power come with a small crank handle. OutputOpen/Close Delay 26 H x 18 W x 17 DepthOne PassWeight: 125 lbsPower outage foot pedal release (No Tailgate) ITEM # DESCRIPTIONITEM #DESCRIPTION 12 Per Second Travel GTZ2000SAF Fail Safe Slide Op.GTZ2000FRSlide Operator GTZ2000SEC Fail Secure Slide Op. ww.sss-steel.com 31'