b'ACCESS CONTROL ACCESSORIESRolling Code1 or 2 ButtonEG654 Wireless Receiver TransmitterKeypadCompatible with( ( 433.92 MH z) ) )Capacity: 30 or 300Rolling code All Eagle Gate Operators rolling code ( ( 433.92 MH z) ) ) With Visor Clip ( GTZEG642 ) Able to open 2 separate gates that 12-24 VAC or DC use different gate operatorsITEM #DESCRIPTION You must have the self-learn button on your ITEM # DESCRIPTIONGTZEG642Visor Transmitterreceiver or control to use this keypadGTZEG65030 Rolling Code Capacity GTZEG640 Keychain Transmitter ITEM#DESCRIPTIONGTZEG652300 Rolling Code Capacity GTZEG6432 Button on Keychain GTZEG6542 Channel Wireless KeypadExternalAntenna Two or Four-Channel Receiver Mitto RemoteCompatible with For BFT GateGTBATRC2 OperatorsNot All Items Transmitters( ( (433 MHz) ) )Stocked atand Q-B Touch All Locations. Wireless 14 foot cable. ( ) )Please Check with Keypad ( (433 MHz)( ( (433 MHz) ) )Your Location for ITEM#DESCRIPTION Possible Lead Times ITEM#ITEM #GTBATRC2 Two Channel TransmitterGTBANTRC325 GTBAAE315 GTBATRC4 Four Channel TransmitterQ-B-TouchOXI Two or Four-Channel DigitalReceiver Era One Keypad RemotePlug-in receiver for72-Bit O-Code Nice 1050 and Niceencoding936 circuit boardCompatible w/ Colored4-channel Nice Receivers ( ( ( 433.92 MH z) ) )BackgroundBacklit Not HomeLink com- Not HomeLink IndicatesDigital keypad with 10 channels andpatible ( ( 433.92 MH z) ) ) compatibleCompatible100 combinations ITEM#DESCRIPTIONComponentsITEM #ITEM#DESCRIPTION GTSN2EATwo Button TransmitterGTBAWKP GTS1050RV Plug-in Receiver GTSN4EAFour Button TransmitterNiceMillennium KeypadExternal1 time use flash code featureRadio Adjustable hold timesReceiver Can be used with Mag-Lock or electric release( ( 433.92 MH z) ) ) Holds 1000 code2 channels 7-1/2" H x 4-3/4" W x 4-1/2" DepthMemory for up to 63 codes 7-24 VAC or VDCITEM# DESCRIPTION ITEM# DESCRIPTION Available Hardwired or Compatible with 300 MHz Multicode Receiver or GTS318N12-28 AC/DC Radio Receiver GTA951N 433 MHz Nice Apollo Wireless 433 MHz NICE Receiver34ww.sss-steel.com'