b'ACCESS CONTROL ACCESSORIESUniversal Receiver Passport Receivers Star10002.0 Technology Commercial12-24V AC or DC LCD menu screens Receiver 2.0 TechnologyVirtually eliminatesWeigand outputradio interference 2.0 Technology3 channel capacity NOT Stand Alone For parking lots, parking garagesCompatible withand employee gate entrances811LM and all MAXITEM #DESCRIPTION Holds up to 1000 remotes remote controls GTEPPWRReceiver Designed for outdoor environmentsITEM # DESCRIPTION GTX850LMReceiver Remotes ITEM #DESCRIPTIONGTX860LM Enclosed in Weatherproof Bo x GTASTAR1000ReceiverFeatures Security+ Universal Remote 2.0 rolling code Passport TransmitterITEM#DESCRIPTION Control two garageGTX892LT2-Button Visordoor/ gate frequencies GTX893MAX3-Button Visor 2.0 TechnologyDirectional visor clip GTX890MAX3-Button Keychain HomeLink CompatibleGTX8111-Button Dip Switch 2.0 Only Double range of standard receiver Not All ItemsCompatible with: Stocked at Security + Rolling Code Genie Stanley All Locations.CraftsmanMoore-o-MaticTransmitters ITEM #DESCRIPTIONLinear LiftMasterGTEPPV3MVisor Remote Please Check withChamberlainWayne-DaltonITEM#DESCRIPTIONNOTES GTEPPK3MKeychain Remote Your Location forITEM# DESCRIPTION GTX371LM315 MHz 1 ChannelOperators GTEPPK3PHMKeychain W/ Proximity Possible Lead TimesGTX375UTUniversal Remote Control GTX971390 MHz 1 Channel1997-2004 GTEPPLV110Lite Visor RemoteKPW250 WirelessKPW5 WirelessWireless KeypadKeypad KeypadCompatible withCompatible with2.0 TechnologyCompatible withLiftMaster All LiftmasterLiftMasterSecurity+ 2.0Security+Security+ 2.0 , Security+, andreceivers ONLY receiversLinear Muti-CodeHigh impactPowered by 9 voltColored receivers polycarbonatebattery Background 250 code capacity cover ( ( (390 & 315 MHz) ) )5 code capacity Indicates Zinc alloy cover Compatible ITEM#DESCRIPTION ITEM#DESCRIPTION ITEM# DESCRIPTION Components GTXWKP250LMWireless Keypad GTXWKP5LMWireless Keypad GTX877MAXWireless KeypadLCR Wireless LCR Solar Friendly LCR TransmittersKeypad Receiver2 year limited warrantyAccess without( ( (433.92 MHz) ) ) Operate gate or garage transmitter with compatible 433 Programmable Stores 42 unique codes MHz receiverTamper-resistant Learn button programming Operates up to 300 ft Weather-proof MHz) ) ) Two relays - Momentary primary typically ( ( 433.92 MH z) ) )433.92 MHz ( ( (433.92and momentary or latchingsecondary relay ITEM #DESCRIPTIONITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM # DESCRIPTION GTU0302102-Button Remote Transmitter GTU050520Wireless Keypad GTU030205 LCR Dual Output Receiver GTU030212 4-Button Remote Transmitter ww.sss-steel.com 35'