b'ACCESS CONTROL ACCESSORIESReceiver AntennasWigand 26 BitMegaCode ReceiversRadio ReceiverInterface for Linear\'sMHz) ) ) Remote WhipBlock Coded Digital( ( (318Antenna: Transmitters For receiversmountedSupports 26, 30, & 31-bit Wiegandin poor reception locationsoutput 15ft Coaxial cable Compatible with DoorKing, Linear, LiftmasterHalf Wave Omni- and Elika Phone Systems Directional Antenna:ITEM #DESCRIPTION ( ( (318 MHz) ) )To increase the radio rangeGTALWOR26 BitRadio Receiver of receivers by 20-30% inALL directions.Miniature Block5ft Coaxial cable Coded Transmitters 40 code capacity Half Wave Directional Antenna: To enhancethe radio1224 Volts AC or DCrange of receivers inAuto voltage sensingno jumpersONE directionCompatible with all to set by 20-30%.Not All Items Linear access receivers ( MHz) ) ) Supplied with whip antenna, three10ft Coaxial cableStocked atwith 318 MHZ freq. ( (318feet of coaxial cable, and bulkhead All Locations. Lithium battery connectorPlease Check with powered up to 5 years. ITEM #DESCRIPTION Your Location for ITEM#DESCRIPTION ITEM# DESCRIPTION GTA1066Remote Whip Antenna Possible Lead Times GTACT311 Button Transmitter GTAMGR1MGR - Single Relay GTAEXA1000 Omni-Directional AntennaGTACT344 Button Transmitter GTAMGR2MGR-2 - Two Relays GTAEXA2000Directional AntennaTrans-ProxAP-5 AccessProHandheld Non-BlockTransmitters Controller Coded TransmittersIntegral 318 MHz superTransmitter and( ( (318 MHz) ) ) regenerative receiver)proximity tag in oneReceives MegaCode MHz) ) Compatible with all convenient unit transmitters ( ( (318 Available in one or fourlinear access12 - 24v AC/DC input receivers with 318 channel block codedSupports 480 block codedMHz frequency ( ( (318 MHz) ) )transmitter models transmitters or 238 individual9 volt batterytransmitters/wireless keypad codesITEM # DESCRIPTION3.625" W x 5.25" Hx 1.5" Depth ITEM# DESCRIPTION GTACT31DOne Channel ITEM# DESCRIPTIONGTAMT11 Button Transmitter GTACT34DFour Channel GTALAP4Single Channel Receiver GTAMT22 Button TransmitterWireless Keypad Wall-MountedHandheld BlockBuilt-in radioLightedCoded TransmitterstransmitterWireless Factory( ( MHz) ) ) Compatible with all programmed(318MegaCodelinear accessMegaCode format;Keypad ( ( (318 MHz) ) ) receivers with 318 internal antenna MHz frequencyLithium batteryActivates multiple 9 volt battery ( ( (318 MHz) ) )Built-in downlight MegaCode receiversITEM# DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM # GTAMCT1B1 Button TransmitterGTAMDKPWireless Keypad GTAMDTK GTAMCT2B2 Button Transmitter36ww.sss-steel.com'