b'ACCESS CONTROL ACCESSORIESSingle-ChannelFlexible Extended Wireless Request-RF Receiver Range Antenna to-Exit Plate( ( (315 MHz) ) )( ( (315 MHz) ) )11-24 VAC/VDC Plugs into a connector on the receiverLearns up to 15Includes 9-foot cabletransmitters ITEM #DESCRIPTIONGTAK91ERAExtended RangeMini Keychain Transmitter Wired Transmitter( ( (315 MHz) ) ) ( ( (315 MHz) ) )Not All Items Compatible( ( (315 MHz) ) ) Built-in RF transmitterStocked at with50ft RangeAll Locations. GATK910R315 Compatible with Please Check with ITEM #DESCRIPTIONCompatible withGTAK910R315 receiverYour Location for GTAK910R315Single Channel Receiver GTAK910R315 receiverPossible Lead Times GTAK919T1Keychain Transmitter ITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTION GTAK919T2Mini Keychain Transmitter GTAK919TWIREDWired Transmitter GTAKRTE2SQ315 Single Gang Universal Receiver 219 Mini Keychain220 TransmittersColoredTransmitterCompatible with BackgroundPulsar, All Star and IndicatesKeyston/Heddolf.Compatible4-1/2 H x 3-1/2 W Components(4 with tabs)CompatibleCompatible 1-1/4 Depth) ) ) with Keystone( MHz) ) with Keystone( ( (318 MHz) ) )12V or 24V switch( ( (318 MHz universal( (318) universal Coloredselectable AC or DC receiver. receiver.ITEM#DESCRIPTION ITEM# DESCRIPTIONBackgroundITEM #DESCRIPTIONGTAP21911 Button Mini Transmitter GTAP22011 Button TransmitterIndicatesGTAP294KUniversal Receiver GTAP21922 Button Mini Transmitter GTAP22022 Button TransmitterCompatible ComponentsUniversal GTO Transmitters Long Range 2-Channel Transmitter & Radio Receiver Receiver18-24 volt ( ( (318 MHz) ) ) TransmitterAllows the GTO two andIncludes Antennathree buttonAdjustable code settingstransmitters to controlWorks consistently( ( (433.92 MHz) ) )both gate and garage( ( (318 MHz) ) ) ITEM#DESCRIPTION at 1,500 ftdoor openers GTGRB741Single Button Transmitter ITEM #DESCRIPTIONITEM #DESCRIPTION GTGRB742Dual Button Transmitter GTAPEX220 Long-Range TransmitterGTGRB709GTO Radio Receiver GTGRB743Triple Button Transmitter GTAPER294 Long-Range Receiver38ww.sss-steel.com'