b'ACCESS CONTROL ACCESSORIESLong Range Card Reader LR-Tek Long Range Interface Wiegand and RS-232 (Simultaneous) AWID Installation KitCompanion Tool for All AWID UHF (902-Note: GTWLR3000 is enclosed928 MHz) Long Range Reader in a weatherproof cover forInstallationsexterior use USED FOR:Sales demoSite surveyBench-testingREADER &Installation verificationMOUNTING BRACKET Trouble-shootingGTWLR3000SOLDSEPARATELY INCLUDESGTWLR2000Test Unit - Contains sounder & LED to indicate every tag read. A cable Up to 25 FT reading distance with clip leads for DC power & RS-232 Unlimited tag or card life-passive; no battery Transmit Data. Clips to the power supply & reader being testedNo cross-talk; settable RF field 12VDC 3.3ADC Power Module - AWIDs PS-123.3RF power 1WPower SupplyPlug-in brick with nominal 12 volts Not All Items Frequency: 902mhz - 928mhz Sold Separately output up to 3.3 amperesStocked atOne integrated RHCP patch antenna RS-232 Cable Adapter - Short cable All Locations. ITEM#DESCRIPTION DIMENSIONS with female DB9 connector & 3 clip GTWLR3000 UHF Long Range Reader w/ Weatherproof Cover9.8 x 9.8 x 1.3 leads for RS-232 interfacePlease Check withYour Location for GTWLR2000UHF Long Range Reader8 x 8 x 1.125 Test Tags - AWIDs WS-UHF windshield tag & Possible Lead Times GTWPS1233A Power Supply for Long Range Reader CS-UHF clamshellITEM# GTWLRMB Reader Mounting Bracket card for hand tests GTWLRTEK ProximityKP-6840MR-1824 Card CompactCard Reader Card ReaderColoredReader Wiegand Proximity4.6 x 3.1 x 0.88 Wiegand and RS-232 (Simultaneous)BackgroundReader with Keypad 18" to 24" IndicatesWiegand Interfaceread range6" to 8" read rangePower requirement:Power: Compatible4" to 5.5"5 ~ 12 VDC 5-12 VDCComponentsread range Supporting 4-bit burst,LED for visual Self testing8-bit burst, or 26-bit feedback & Piezo and selfProgrammable Red or Greenbeeper for audio Coloreddiagnostic LED in standby feedbackBackgroundBasic 4-wireINCLUDES:Reader (1) ITEM#ITEM# DIMENSIONS Indicateshook-up #6-32 x 1 Machine Screws (2) GTWKP6840 GTWMR1824 8 x 8 x 1Compatible Compatiblew/other readers MM-6800 MullionKP-6820 Mullion ComponentsSize:Mount Card Reader Mount Card Reader4.5 x 1.8 x 0.7Power RequirementINCLUDES: Wiegand and RS-232 INCLUDES:5-12 VDC Reader (1) GTWMM6800 (Simultaneous) GTWSP6820 Reader (1)#6-32 x 1#6-32 x 1Thread-Cutting Screws (2) 6" to 8" read range Machine Screws (2)Screw-Hole Plugs (3) Power requirement: Clamshell cardsClamshell Card 5-12 VDCsold separately ITEM# DESCRIPTION DIMENSIONS ITEM# DESCRIPTION GTWMM6800Mullion Width- Indoor or Outdoor 6 x 1.75 x 1GTWSR2400 Short Range Proximity Reader GTWSP6820Single Gang Box Mount; Customizable tri-state LED4.6 x 3.1 x 0.6542ww.sss-steel.com'