b'ACCESS CONTROL ACCESSORIESProximity Reader,Miniature BlockHandheld BlockCard, and Tag Coded Transmitters Coded TransmittersUse with Linear\'s systems) ) ( ( ( 318 MHz ) ) )(not stand alone) ( ( ( 318 MHz )Close-range (4-6")Works with tags or cards Compatible with all Linear accessCompatible with all linear access Not All Items1.6 W x 3.4 H x .6 Depth receivers with 318 MHZ frequency receivers with 318 MHz frequency Stocked at Lithium battery powered up to 5 years 9 volt battery All Locations.ITEM #DESCRIPTION Please Check with GTALAMPR26 Bit Proximity Reader ITEM#DESCRIPTION ITEM# DESCRIPTION Your Location for GTALPRXProximity Card GTACT311 Button Transmitter GTAMCT1B1 Button Transmitter Possible Lead TimesGTALPTProximity Tag GTACT344 Button Transmitter GTAMCT2B2 Button TransmitterCard Reader Box Stand AloneCarrying theCommercial EntryBrands You Keypad TrustCompatible with GTALAMPR Shown Above Outdoor metal housing for Linear & Securakey readers 12/24 Volt AC or DCRecessed design with built-inLED light 480 codesCard readers not included Lighted Stainless steel face ITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM # DESCRIPTION GTACRB100Card Reader Box GTA1050GCommercial Keypad ww.sss-steel.com 45'