b'ACCESS CONTROL ACCESSORIES1837 Commercial Phone Entry SystemAlso Available in Flush,Wall,Provides entry into & within areasand Surface Mounts PC programmable; Software includedFlush Mount Voice & data (programming) connection over Cellular, VoIP, SurfaceWireless, or copper POTS linesUniversal Mount Mount Built-in electronic directoryITEM # DESCRIPTIONNow Available GTD1837090Universal Mount12.75 W x 14.75 H x 3.75 DiaGTD1837089Wall Mount13.25 W x 13 H x 4.75 DiaUniversal MountWall Mount GTD1837080Surface Mount11.25 W x 13 H x 4.75 DiaShown Here GTD1837084Flush Mount11.25 W x 15 H x 3.5 DiaUniversal Mount Now Available1835 Commercial PhoneVoice & Data (Programming) Entry System Universal Mount Connection Over Provides entry into & within areas Shown HereCellular, VoIP,Not All Items PC programmable; Software included Wireless, Stocked atBuilt-in electronic directoryAll Locations. Or ITEM #DESCRIPTIONPlease Check with GTD1835090Universal Mount Copper Your Location for GTD1835089Wall Mount 13.25 W X 13H 4.75 D Pots LinePossible Lead Times GTD1835080 Surface Mount11.25 W X 13H 4.75 DGTD1835084 Flush Mount12 W X 13.25 H 3.25 D1812 Plus TelephoneWireless Entry System Expansion Board KitAllows resident to use phone as intercom to speak to guest at door or gateConnects directly to existing telephone900 line; no additional line needed MHZUse with Entry Systems: ITEM # DESCRIPTION 1833 / 1834 GTD1812093 Wall Mount11.88 W x 9.13 H x 5.25 D 1835 / 1837 GTD1812095Surface Mount11.88 W x 7.38 H x 6 D 1838 Multi-DoorGTD1812091Flush Mount11.88 W x 9.13 H x 5.25 D ITEM #DO NOT use with GTD1470080GTD1812096 Surface Mount with Access Plus 1838 Access PlusVoice & DataTracker ExpansionWireless Base Board KitCellular System BoardUse with Entry Systems:900 1833 / 1834Control up toMHZ1835 / 1837 / 1838 24 doorsProvides voice & data onUse with Entry DoorKings Cellular NetworkSystems: hosted on AT&T 4G LTE Network Use with Entry Systems: 1833 / 1835 / 1837 / 1838ITEM # DESCRIPTION 1833 / 1835 / 1837 / 1838GTD1800080 Cellular System ITEM # ITEM #GTD1818040RS232 Connecting Cable GTD2358010 GTD233308046ww.sss-steel.com'