b'ACCESS CONTROL ACCESSORIES30 FT or 50 FTUniversalMonitoredBattery-PoweredRetroreflectiveRetro-ReflectivePrime Guard Photo Eye Photo EyeReflector Weather-proofIncluded Monitored UL 325-2016 Compliant10K, N.C. & pulse capable Now With Built-InUL 325-2016 compliant and housed in a rugged NEMA 4XHeater!Compatible with most non-monitored legacy productsITEM #DESCRIPTION Through Beam PhotoGTAIRBRETRetroreflective Photo EyeOptic Sensors IRB- 325 Infrared Range up to 30 or 50 PhotocellInfrared transmitter & receiver unit Complies with 2 monitoring interfaces: UL 325 standardNormally closed When the infrared 10k resistive beam is broken Not All ItemsBattery powered transmitter the unit produces aPowerful enough to detect obstructionsStocked at NEMA 4 enclosure detection signal and communicate with the reflector upAll Locations.2yr warranty 6 to 65 feet to 50 ftRequires power only on one side Please Check withITEM #DESCRIPTION 12V to 24V AC or DC 150Ma of the installation Your Location forGTAMIG2K1030 FT Guard ITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM#DESCRIPTION Possible Lead Times GTAMIG2K105050 FT Guard GTAIRB325EMX Infrared Photocell GTELMRRU Retro-Reflective Photo EyeTwin PhotobeamPhoto Eye Kits Omron Photoelectric Detectors with LaserSafety Eye:E3K-R10K4Beam AlignmentTwin infrared beamsNon-polarizedIncludes: power inputs ReflectorInterruption timeIR LED Kit includes12V AC/DC toMounting Brackets adjustable Infrared photo eye250V AC Up to 32 ft rangeRange: 90 ft. outdoors, 190 ft. indoors Reflector Range:24 - 240 V AC/DC Built-in laser beam alignment system Mounting bracket 35 ft. / 50 ft.Hardware ITEM #DESCRIPTIONITEM #DESCRIPTIONGTAKS96090Photobeam Detectors GTAOMRON Omron Photoelectric Eye Self-AligningOmronPhotocells Wall Flush L Bracket Protective90 Range ITEM #DESCRIPTION Case for 24 Volt AC GTANR 35 ft Reflective PhotoEye Safety Eye Sealed for GTANR10K 35 ft 10K Reflectiveprotection PhotoEye Reflector Cover GTANR50 50 ft. Reflective PhotoEye IncludedPair of receiver/Black powder-coatedtransmitter to be GTANRPPolarized Reflective PhotoEye Protects the Omron photo eye and fitted externally. GTAKBWWall Bracket reflector from weather ITEM #DESCRIPTION GTAKBFMFlush Mount Bracket ITEM #DESCRIPTION GTBAFL130BFor Most 24V Systems GTAKBLL Bracket GTAOMRONCOVERMetal Omron Caseww.sss-steel.com 49'