b'ACCESS CONTROL ACCESSORIESThe NP3Single The NP2-ES Three ChannelChannelSingle Channel Plug-In LoopDual RelayDual Output Plug-In Detector Loop Detector LoopDetectorPlug-in compatible with wide 3 Separate Loops forrange of gate operators3 Different Outputs 4 selectable sensitivities & frequen-Designed for Use Where Open, Safetyciesand Exit Loops are Used Wrong voltage protectionSeparate power/fault &detect Not All Items indicatorsStocked atDirect Fit to Viking and AllomaticAutomatic sensitivity boostAll Locations. Operators but Universal toPower: 10 to 30 volts AC or DC, Please Check with any Opener(Hardwired) 5mAnominalYour Location for ITEM #DESCRIPTION Possible Lead Times GTANP2ESSingle Channel Dual 3 selectable sensitivities per channel Available in 120 VAC or Output Plug In Loop Detector4 selectable frequencies per channelSingle output 12-24 VDC/AC Single Wrong voltage protection 10 selectable sensitivities Separate power/fault and detect4selectable operating frequen- Channel indicators cies Single Output Automatic sensitivity boost Permanent presence switchLow Power Mini Power supply requirement 10 to 30selectablevolts AC or DC, 5mA nominal Second relay output modeLoop DetectorLoop scanning prevents cross talk selectableRemovable terminal strips for directFail-safe or fail-secure optionsplug-in Loop failure indicator for open or shorted loopsSPECIFICATIONS Works on any in-ground inductiveExtremely Output Rating: Solid Detect 30mAloop from 20 to 1500 H Small FormMaximum current sinkAuto sensitivity boost 4 Selectable sensitivitiesOutputs are protected from over volt- Selectable presence times and4 Selectable frequenciesage or polarity reversal pulse lengthsPower: 10 to 30 volts AC or DC Wrong voltage protection Wrong voltage protectionInductance Range: 20uH to 1500uH Separate power; detect and faultSeparate power/fault and indicators detect indicatorsTemperature Range: -30 F to +180 F Automatic sensitivity boostLead-In Length: Up to 2500 ft. withCompace size; industry standardPower supply requirement:proper lead-in and loop 11 pin connector enclosed in10 to 30V DC or AC, 1ma nominalplastic case Mechanical: 1 H x 3 D x 4 W Screw terminal connections for ITEM #DESCRIPTION power, loop and output GTANP2120120 VAC ITEM #DESCRIPTIONITEM #DESCRIPTION GTANP3Three Channel Loop Detector GTANP2122412/24 VDC/AC GTANP2ESL Sngl Channel Loop Detector50ww.sss-steel.com'