b'ACCESS CONTROL ACCESSORIESHY5B 2.0 LOOPPlug-InDML-9LP DETECTORLoop Detector for Mini Loop Kit Works with AllCSW24V & CSL24V 100HySecurity Operators 8 sensitivity settingsBoost for high-profile vehicles4 frequency optionsLow power drawITEM#DESCRIPTIONGTELOOPDETLM Plug-In Loop Detector For solar powered applicationsWill not interfere w/other loop LoopdectectorsDetector forFail-secure operationOmni Board10 to 30 volts AC/DCControl board offers four Hy5B socketsSmall profile, perfect for many for free exit, inside obstruction, outsideinstallationsobstruction, and center loop function Dimensions 1.52 H x 2.9 W x 1.56 DNot All Items For use withKit Includes:Stocked atSmart Touch technology auto tunesomni boards DML-9LPDetectorAll Locations. each detector to its own frequency,Free exit, safety orDrop In Loop w/100 Lead In Please Check with preventing cross talk between loops center loop ready Note: Never Use a Your Location for Compact design, 1-3/4 x 3-5/8 inchFail-Secure Detector on a Safety LoopPossible Lead Times ITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM#DESCRIPTIONITEM #DESCRIPTIONGTSMX4621Loop Detector GTEAELDPlug-In Loop Detector GTADML9LPMini Loop Detector Vehicle Plug-In LoopMicro-Sized Plug &Micro LoopDetector Play Loop Detector DetectorUse with all Eagle11-pin AmphenolFor solaroperators usingbase & standard pin out powered gateEagle Diamond Board 0-30 volts AC/DC, installationsPlugs into every Eaglepower protected Available inDiamond Board 1.4 H x 1.4 W x 2.75 L fail-secure and fail-safe models10 - 30 VAC/DC - 20 mA maximum No set up. No tuning. No adjustments. Works with any voltage and either Loop Size: Any size in-groundNOT INCLUDED: 11 Pin Wiring Harness polarity from 10 to 30 Volts AC or DC.inductive loop from 20 to 1500 H. ITEM #DESCRIPTIONITEM#DESCRIPTIONITEM #DESCRIPTION GTADSP11Micro-Sized Loop Detector GTADSP7Fail Safe Loop DetectorGTZEG169Eagle Loop Detector GTAH11P11 Pin Wiring Harness GTADSP5LP Fail Secure Loop DetectorD-Tek LoopPreformed Loops Loop Detector 50 ft. lead DetectorPrevents gate fromUsed underFor Chamberlain Eliteclosing whenconcrete orcircuit boardvehicle present11 pin harnessother pave-overFront panel resetincludedapplications. Stocked 12.4 h x 0.8 w x 2.25 dFree exit device in 4 x 8 and 8 x 12. Other sizes avail- 10-30 volts AC/DC, 20 mAITEM#DESCRIPTION able upon request. Solid state detect and fail outputs GTA110LD110 Volt AC ITEM#DESCRIPTION No set up. No tuning. No adjustmentsGTAMVPDTEKMulti-Voltage GTAL484 ft. x 8 ft. Size ITEM #DESCRIPTIONGTAH11P11 Pin Wiring Harness GTAL8128 ft. x 12 ft. Size GTADSP40Diablo Loop Detector52ww.sss-steel.com'