b'ACCESS CONTROL ACCESSORIESShock AbsorbingHES 5200C1200 lb Maglock RecessedElectric Strike500 lb Weatherproof, Maglockface mounted Automatic dual Shock Absorbingvoltage for mountingstrike mountin sliding doorscontrols excessive12/24 VDCimpact 10 ft of jacketed stranded wire12/24 VDC ITEM#HOLDING FORCE 10 ft of jacketedGTAM34R500500 lbsstranded wireIndoor orOutoor UseITEM# HOLDING FORCEGTAM62FGSASM1200 lbs Recessed GL1 Slide or1200 lb SwingMaglockBracket Shear Aligning Magnalock Not All ItemsMounts fully concealed into wood,Accommodates in-frame horizontalStocked at Designed forsteel or aluminum doors adjustment & 5/8 - 3/4 latchbolts All Locations.the GL1 Solenoid Gate Lock and theM62FG-SASM gate Magnalock 12/24 VDC Faceplate (4-7/8 x 1-1/4) Please Check withITEM#DESCRIPTION 10 ft of jacketed stranded wire 12 VDC / 24 VDC Your Location forGTAFMKSL Slide Bracket ITEM#HOLDING FORCEITEM#Possible Lead TimesGTAFMKSW Swing Bracket GTASAM1200 1200 lbs ER5200CGL1 Solenoid GateElectric Deadbolts Recessed 600 lb Lock MaglockFail-Safe600 lb lock with Self-Aligning mortise Receiver HelpsFail-Secure mounting Compensate fortabsGate Sag and Built in LED light Misalignment & timer on ( +/- 1/2 Horizontally) GTDKMLM61LTCYLINDER SOLD SEPARATELY Stainless steel bolt, 5/8" dia.,Provides 2000 Lbs of holding force 5/8" throwAutomatic dual voltage - no fieldThe fail-secure model incorporates adjustment manual unlock cylinder to operate if power is lost12/24 VDC Power 12VDCStandard fail-locked Lock body: 7-7/8" x 1-5/16Optional latch status monitor Strike plate: 3-9/16" x 1"x1-1/8" Surface Mount /Black FinishITEM# DESCRIPTION ITEM #FAIL MODE ITEM#DESCRIPTIONGTAGL1FLSolenoid Gate LockGTAKEDSECFail-Secure GTDDKMLM61 600 lbs LockGTAKEDSAFFail-Safe GTDDKMLM61LT Lock W/ LED & TimerGTA9380 Cylinderww.sss-steel.com 55'