b'ACCESS CONTROL ACCESSORIESOutdoor Rated Residential ElectricCommercial Quality Electric Strike Strikes Electric StrikesFaceplate: ANSI TYPE 1-1/4 H4-7/8 face plate4-7/8 Wwith 3-3/81-11/16 D Auxillary RampCavity: Fail secure1-1/2 HWeldable 16-24 AC/DC3/4 W Lock Box input7/8 D For 8-16 VAC or 4-6 VDC systems Use on com- Stainless Steel Can be used with Kwikset Deadlock- mercial doorsMortice type ing Gate Latches KW5883, KW589 backset & KW58926D. MORTISE TYPELeft or right6-7/8 face platehanding ER001 ER005 Fail secure1-1/4 wide 1-3/8 wide16-24 AC/DC inputNot All Items 5-7/8 tall3-1/2 tall Use on commercialStocked atNot Reversible 1-9/16 deep 2-3/4 deep doorsAll Locations. Fail secure Fail securePlease Check with ITEM # DESCRIPTIONYour Location for ITEM # DESCRIPTIONPossible Lead Times ER400Right Hand ER005Residential Electric Strike ITEM #DESCRIPTIONLBESSteel Lockbox for ER005 ER2012ANSI Type Electric StrikeER400LLeft Hand ER001Narrow Residential Ele. Strike ER2678Mortise Type Electric StrikeAutomatic Gate Locks 24VDC / 24VAC /Armored 115VAC Maglock Single SPDT Relay Door Cord 18Mounting screw With die-cast12" leads aluminum end caps6 wire nuts With Surface mountedDouble-sided adhesive tape LED 18" stainless-steel cables, designed to protect the wires to the electric locks ITEM# DESCRIPTIONor access systems mounted in doorsGTAPAMI110/24 Volt RelayITEM # DESCRIPTION Magnetic Lock Relay GTAKSD969Armored Door CordUse with PowerArmored Door LoopMaster and BFT Black powder-coated gate operatorssteel housing with 3500 lbs of force12 Volt DC only Energizes the magnetic lock when the gate operator Recommended for gates over 8 ft completes its cycle 49 armored49Bolt-on and weldable 110VAC, 24VAC or 12VDC input aluminum cablehardware included 3/8 I.D. FlexITEM# DESCRIPTION ITEM# DESCRIPTION GTALY2F110 Volt Relay Cable is easily shortened GTGFM144Pull to Open Gate Lock GTALR24 24 Volt Relay ITEM#GTGFM142Push to Open Gate Lock GTALR12 12 Volt Relay GTAKTSBCXL 56ww.sss-steel.com'