b'ACCESS CONTROL ACCESSORIES12 V75 Amp Hour SolarPanelsNon-Spillable Sealed From 5 to over 40 wattCap Lead-Acidcharging capacityBattery Maintains gate operator batteriesin remote locationsRechargeable 9-1/4 H 10-1/4 W ITEM #VOLT WATT DIMENSIONSBRACKET INFORMATION 6-3/4 D GTS2202424 20 22.9" x 14.2" Brackets Included in BoxITEM# UPS GTS2402424 4026.2" x 21.2Brackets Not IncludedGTAUB12750SHIPPABLEITEM #VOLTWATT DIMENSIONSBRACKET INFORMATIONGTS201125 12.9" x 8.5" Brackets Included in Box 12 V35 Amp Hour GTS210121014.5" x 12.2" Brackets Included in Box Non-Spillable SealedGTS220122022" x 14.2"Brackets Included in BoxGTS240124026.2" x 21.2"Brackets Not IncludedCap Lead-Acid Battery ITEM #DESCRIPTIONGTSS10L24V24V Solar RegulatorRechargeableGTSSG412V Solar Regulator Not All Items7HStocked at 7-5/8 W BRACKETS Brackets Do Not Include Hardware to Mount onAll Locations.5-1/8 D Surface Please Check withITEM #BRACKET INFORMATION Your Location for ITEM#UPS GTSBKT40 Brackets for GTS240 / GTS24024 Possible Lead Times GTAUB350 SHIPPABLE GTS208Brackets for GTS208 for GTS201 / GTS210 / GTS220 / GTS2202412 V Deep Cycling Sealed 12 VoltQD ContactLead-Acid Battery Backup Battery Cleanerw/Wing NutAerosolConnectors Alcohol basedprecision cleaner16 oz. canITEM#HT309815Black Electrical Tape7 amp/hour All weatherbackup battery 3/4 x 30 ft. Starting marine battery For LiftMaster LA400,7 m640 cranking amps available Miracle One, Suitable for9-1/4HRoboSlide, RoboSwing applications10-1/4 WNOT UPS All GTO/PRO and Mega Armup to 600 volts6-3/4 D SHIPPABLE Operators and not morethan 176 FITEM# ITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM #GTA12V GTEBT1212 Volt 7 Amp/Hour Battery GTAH357450 ww.sss-steel.com 61'