b'SPECIALTY HINGESStainless Flag6" LooseSteel Plug Hinge Joint Hinge Jointwith Right or Left HingeWings4-3/8 H2-5/8 W 6" L X 6" W 2.38" W x 3" L. 375" PIN.250" PIN.079 THICKHinges are made from 304SSBoth leaves are half swaged No mounting holesWasher is welded to knuckle Can be used when door removal is necessary Halves are removable CATALOGNo mounting holes allows for hingeMade from cold rolled steel Pin is fixed on one sideto be welded to doorSold Individually Sold Individually Sold IndividuallyITEM #SIZE ITEM # THICKNESSPIN HAND ITEM # DESCRIPTION HI6JLLEFT Loose Joint Hinge HIC430100L 11 ga3/8Left HIS2153Stainless Flag Joint HI6JRRIGHT Loose Joint Hinge HIC430100R 11 ga 3/8 RightLarge HingeAdjustable HingeBase Plate Hingewithwith Weldable Wing with Thrust BearingsRemovable Pin 2-1/2 Weldable Bracket1/2 Bolt 4 H 3-7/8 H 1-1/2 H2-5/8 Dia. 2.5W Static Load is 3950 lbsAdjusts from 2 to 2-1/2from End of BracketSold Individually Sold Individually Sold IndividuallyITEM # ITEM # ITEM # HAC440 HAC90G HAC87Gwww.sss-steel.com 11'