b'POPWAGERE THOEAODLSE R& EQUIPMENT4-1/2" Small Angle4-1/2" Small Angle7/9 Large Angle Grinder Grinder, Lock-On Grinder, Lock-OnMedium-Duty Heavy-Duty Heavy-DutyThe Most Compact & LightestSlim paddle design w/ Lock-On Grinder in the Milwaukee Line feature for increased control10.2 length; 3.5 lbs. Electronic Clutch: Extends tool life & 7.0 AMP 11,000 RPM motor; Slide switchprevents bind-up15.0 Amp, 4.2 HP Motor, 6,000 RPMDebris baffles protects internal parts Powerful 11AMP, 11,000 RPM motorDebris baffles protects internal partsMulti-port exhaust-reducesTool-free accessory change;External brush doorsmotor burn-up easily change all accessoriesSoft-grip main handlewithout wrenchTool free, burst resistant guard Includes: Tool free, burst resistant guardIncludes: Contractor Bag Side Handle FlangeSpanner Wrench Spanner Wrench Flange Includes: Spanner WrenchCATALOGType 27 Guard Grinding Wheel Type 27 Guard Type 27 GuardITEM # DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTIONBDMW613033MD Small Angle Grinder BDMW614130Heavy-Duty Angle Grinder BDMW608830 Large Angle GrinderLittle Beaver Mechanical Earth DrillsLightweight, Powerful, ReliableDigs holesquickly & cleanlyTorque tube& torque-free digging eliminates kickbackHard-faced, replaceablepoints & blades Drill with 5.5 HP 10 pneumatic wheels are standard on 8 hp Shown in PhotoOperates at 360 RPMsHorizontal boring opHeavy-duty transmissionPull handle & transmission cradleReplacement Blades Snap-On Auger is Sold SeparatelyITEM #DESCRIPTIONMEP9027Replacement Point for All Snap-On AugersMEB90236Blade for 6" Auger Augers are equippedMEB90238 Blade for 8" Auger with points and blades.Replacement AugersITEM #DESCRIPTION Motor for Auger DrillMESSP Pengo: 6 x 36 ITEM # DESCRIPTION MESSS Snap-On: 6 x 36 ME5HDrill w/5.5hp HondaMESSS8 Snap-On: 8 x 36 ME8HDrill w/8hp Honda276 www.sss-steel.com'