b'S ERTPAAIGRE P HAERATDSConcrete Precast TreadsWill not rust5000 psi concreteReinforced with #3 rebar gr. 40Overall thickness is 2-1/4" Treads are sloped with an 85 angleLight to medium broom finish with aLive load of 100 lbs. per sq. Ft.2" edging and 3/8" radius Lip Tread Designreduces gap without Do not apply salt or any type of Standard Concreteextra components chloride product on precast Steps Overall thickness is 2-1/4 concrete steps to melt ice.Front lip tread is 3-3/8 tallFor standard installations and 1 deep Salt will rapidly deteriorate the step.ITEM # SIZESTBF113611" x 36" Lip Tread Concrete STBF123612" x 36" StepsSTBF114011" x 391/2 "CATALOGSTBF124012" x 391/2 " ITEM # SIZESTBF114211" x 42" STBF1236LP12" x 36"STBF124212" x 42" STBF1240LP12" x 39-1/2"STBF124812 x 48 STBF1242LP12" x 42"Formed Steel StairFlex-Tred Anti-SlipStringerRoll formedfrom sturdy12 gauge plateStocked in 20 lengthsITEM #SS12G Steel Tread Angle Anti-slip safety rolls for indoorBlack Painted or outdoor use Closed Riser Easy to install adhesive back-ing. Just cut, place and press. Attachments for Concrete StepsITEM #SIZE Easy bolt-on assembly with treadFor mounting concrete steps to stairSTF11" x 60 ft. Anti-Slip Roll ITEM #DIMENSIONSstringers STF22" x 60 ft. Anti-Slip Roll STCR367-1/4" high x 36" wideITEM #SIZE STF44" x 60 ft. Anti-Slip Roll STCR397-1/4" high x 39-1/2" wideSTTA3" x 2" x 3/16" x 8" long STF66" x 60 ft. Anti-Slip Roll STCR427-1/4" high x 42" wide72 www.sss-steel.com'