b'STAINLESS STEEL RAILING SYSTEMSpecialty Tools and SuppliesHydraulicWireDrilling TemplateCrimpingCable Tool CutterManual crimpingShears wire cable tool for attachingup to 5/16" diameterterminals to wire cableFor 1-11/32", 1.66, 1-7/8" posts and tubesAvailable To Used to drill perpendicular 9/32", 11/32" and Rent 7/16" holes.ITEM # DESCRIPTIONInquire With A ITEM #DESCRIPTIONSales Rep SFE40690Cable Cutter SFE40580 Drilling TemplateStainless Steel ITEM # DESCRIPTION SFE40685 Crimping Tool Finishing Spray Rivoting Tool and Leaves a thin antistatic andInserts CATALOGwater-repellent coat on HOW-TO treated metallic servicesDVDITEM #SIZEAVAILABLE SFE405213.5 fl.oz. Inox DVD Stainless Steel Degreaser SpraySpray on all metalsurfaces to be glued Languages include:English, Italian, Spanish, and Russian ITEM #SIZE For threaded insertsSFE405117 fl.oz. Includes plastic case 5mm, 6mm and 8mm A handy and clear video installation manualmandrels and heads.that will guide you step by step through the assembly process of our Inox Stainless SteelITEM #DESCRIPTIONRailing system. SFE40590 Rivoting ToolAsk Your Sales Rep for Details SFE405915mm Threaded InsertPhillips Head Wood ScrewsCountersunk flat head screw High Strength ITEM #LENGTHMATERIAL Adhesive Hex Key CountersunkSFE03823/4304 Stainless without activatorQuick settingScrews Temperature range: Countersunk head for flush -76 to 356applicationsUses size mm hex key. Machine thread. Hex Key Cap Screws For securely attaching stainless steel finishing ITEM # THREADLENGTHMATERIAL Heavy duty screw components, jointsSFE03855mm1304 StainlessUses size mm hex key. Machine thread. and fittings.SFE038516mm1304 Stainless ITEM #THREADLENGTHMATERIAL ITEM #SIZESFE038513166mm1316 Stainless SFE03238mm 3/4304 Stainless SFE40541.7 fl.oz.www.sss-steel.com 197'