b'ACCESS CONTROL ACCESSORIESTRANSFORMERS MAGNETIC LOCKSTransformer/ Weatherproof Magnetic Gate/Door Battery Charger Lock with Weld-On BracketsGreat for ApolloTwo Options:Gate Operator600 lb or 1300 lbBatteries of Holding ForceCharges battery & safely maintains charge during inactivityProtects against over-charge orshort circuitFully automatic Includes weldable Plugs into household 110 voltbrackets for armatur 1.5 amp trickle charge and magnetDesigned forCATALOGCompatible with Gate Operators withindoor or outdoor usethese Page Background Colors:Compatible with Gate Operators with ITEM# DESCRIPTION these Page Background Colors: ITEM#GTEMG600 600 lb. Lock GTS404GTEMG13001300 lb. Lock Plug in Transformers Automatic Gate Lock3500 lb ofHolding ForceFor Indoor Use,Not Weather-ProofWith power indicator lightBlack powder-coated steel housingITEM# DESCRIPTION 12 Volt DC onlyGTA880112 VAC 40 VA Recommended for gates over 8 ftGTA880216.5 VAC 40 VA Bolt-on and weldable hardware includedGTA880318 VAC 40 VAGTA880424 VAC 40 VA Compatible with Gate Operators withGTA8806 12 VDC 500 mA these Page Background Colors: GTA880524 VDC 1000 mA ITEM# DESCRIPTION GTA880736 VDC 500 mA GTGFM144P Pull to Open Gate Lock www.sss-steel.com 331'