b'TRPAAIGLEER H HEAANDGERER & ATTACHING PARTSComplete TrailerHanger Kits Lighting KitIncludes the Following Parts:2 tail lights with side markers Hangers 2 amber side markers with 6 pigtails Shackle Bolts License bracket Shackle Straps Single20 wishbone wiring harness Nuts 4 trunk harness Equalizer (Tandem) 6 frame clips and 2 scotch-locks Hanger Bolts: Hanger Kits includeall necessary parts to attach axleassembly to trailer frameDouble2,000 GW Axle Size 3,500 GW Axle SizeDouble Eye Spring Type Double Eye Spring TypeITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTIONCATALOGDX7217 Spring DX7242 SpringITEM# DXH104Single Kit DXH104 Single KitTP100LKDXH248 Tandem KitDXH248 Tandem Kit Trailer Slat FendersUsed in the manufacture of livestock and other trailersMade from strong 18 gauge coldrolled steelAvailable in 20 foot lengths6 standard width ITEM #SIZE DESCRIPTION TP932F9" x 32"Single TP1072F10-3/4" x 72"TandemTP1072FTD 10-3/4" x 72"Tandem Drop Center ITEM# TP972F 9" x 72" TandemTPTS1820TP1072FFP 10-3/4" x 72"Tandem Diamond PlateSprings Axle Mounting HardwareDouble Eye Style Parts Needed Per Axle:4U-Bolts8Nuts2Tie Plates2,000 GW Axle Size 3,500 GW Axle SizeITEM # DESCRIPTION ITEM # DESCRIPTIONITEM #CAPACITYTYPELEAVES DX1154U-Bolt DX1174 U-Bolt DX72171,000 Double Eye 3DX667Nut DX6101 Nut DX72421,750 Double Eye 4 DX1240Tie PlateDX1251 Tie Plate 296 www.sss-steel.com'