b'ACPCAEGSESHCEOANDTERROL ACCESSORIESEXIT PROBES PHOTO EYESCP-4 AutomaticMonitored MOFB MoonGate Opener Retro-Reflective Photo EyeFree Exit System Photo EyeMonitored UL 325-2016 CompliantBuilt-In Heater! Uses Apollos Blue Bus communication systemReveals obstacles situated on optical All-In-One Unit Without External Powerful enough toaxis between transmitter / receiverCircuit Boarddetect obstructions and communicateEasily installed with two wiresHook Wires Directly to Gate Operator with the reflector up to 50 ftMinimal maintenanceWorks with Electric or Solar Gates Requires power only on one sideof the installationOpen gates automatically; Free Exit Compatible with Gate Operators withCompatible with Gate Operators with Self-Contained these Page Background Colors: these Page Background Colors:Universal voltage and N/O or N/C relays(Titan 12 VDC page 323)make CP-4 compatible with any power and solar gate ITEM#DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTIONCATALOGLowest standby current in the industryGTELMRRU Retro-Reflective Photo Eye GTSMOFBPhoto Eyeby 95%Photo Eye Kits Omron Photoelectric Sensor Sensitivity Adjustment Safety Eye:E3K-R10K4IR LED Kit includes: Infrared photo eye Reflector / Mounting bracket/Hardware12V AC/DC to 250V ACRange: 35 ft/50 ftCompatible with Gate Operators withCompatible with Gate Operators with these Page Background Colors: these Page Background Colors:(Viking R6 page 323)(Viking K2 page 325) Includes: ITEM #DESCRIPTION ReflectorITEM #DESCRIPTION GTANR10K 35ft 10K Reflective PhotoEye Mounting BracketsGTACP4All in One Free Exit Opener GTANRPPolarized Reflective PhotoEyeUp to 32 ft rangeEG360 Monitored /Non-Monitored24 - 240 V AC/DC Photo Eye Compatible With:UL 325 Compliant Operators using 10k / NO / NCBuilt for UL and Non-UL Gate Operators Compatible With:Up to 50-feet sensor range All Eagle Gate Operators Compatible with Gate Operators with these Page Background Colors:Kit includes:Compatible with Gate Operators with Photo eye / Removable hoodthese Page Background Colors:Reflector / Mounting bracket(Eagle I 1/2 HP page 325)Hardware ITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTIONGTZEG360 Photo Eye GTAOMRON Omron Photoelectric Eye328 www.sss-steel.com'