b'BAPRABGEEQ HUEEA PDITE RPRODUCTSBarbecue Pit Thermometer Precut Expanded High quality thermometer provides aMetal Firebox Black Heat finishing touch to BBQs and smokers. Resistant EnamelThreaded stem for easy installation 3 ft. x 2 ft.Large, easy-to-read dial 3/4 x #9 Temperature resistance: 850 FQuantity discounts available Flattened For barbecue grills,stoves and fireplacesITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTION Fast drying; prevents rust MC1TBarbecue Pit Thermometer MCBBQ1Precut Expanded MetalCATALOGHigh Heat ResistantITEM#SIZESpray Paint SP23H1 Gallon CanPerfect for barbeque pits6" Spring HandleFast drying 5/8" All-ThreadWith 1/2" steel bar and cap 12 oz. cans Axle, Washers WithstandSpring Handle is constructed of Typetemperatures up toand Nuts 302 stainless steel wire and measures 6" in length with a 1-1/2" diameter.1200F (648 C) PlatedWeighs 6 oz. Do not use a primer 36" lengthSpring handle is attached to 1/2" steelSold individually or in bar with push nut cap. 12 can boxes. ITEM #DESC.Shown installed on barbecue pit. HLAT583Axle RodITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM#COLOR HLAT58NHex NutMC1SSHD6" Stainless Spring Handle SP1614High Heat Black HLAT58WWasher8" Wheel withSolid Rubber Tire Call Us 8 diameter x 1-3/4 Wide for Large 5/8 boreAxle not includedBuild Your Own Barbeque Pit Diameter PipeWe Cut ITEM #DESCRIPTION to SizeHA37RT8" Rubber Tire/Wheel258 www.sss-steel.com'