b'PACGINEO HXE AACDCEERSSORIESLODrilling Jig ForElectric Strike Plate Chain Link Tension Surface MountedBar AdapterLocks andUpdated Version - CorrespondingNow Fail / OpenKeepsType SE.E: Emissa - Fail secure Secures chainlink fence Type SE.R: Ruptura -around industrial locksFail open (Fail Safe) Hot-dip galvanizedPressure resistanceInstall with 2 tension bandson self-latching bolt: 1000 lbs Secures around Locinox Reinforced stainlessindustrial, electrical, garden, steel deadboltand sliding gate locksreceiver Ties in with the tension bar Includes Tool Box Water resistant,for a finished lookTool case with self-centering drillingweatherproof; use tool for fast assembly of Locinoxoutdoors or indoors This product does NOT surface mounted gate locks andStainless steelfit the Mechanical Code Lockkeeps latchingDrill jig can be used for round,Voltage: 12 V AC/DCCATALOGsquare or rectangular profiles from 30 up to 76mm (1-1/4" up to 3")Includes 3 drill bits (9,5 mm, 15ITEM # DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTIONmm, 18 mm) LKSEEFor Profiles 2" & Larger LKCLH Tension Bar AdaptorIncludes LA LocitoolIncludes Allen Key and positioning pin Quick-Fix Mounting BoltsFor square posts - 1-1/2" Useful for minimuminstallation of Locinox bolt-onMounts with molly boltlocks and keeps type fastenersFast, easy alternative to through boltsSold in Pairs4 Easy StepsITEM #DESCRIPTIONLKQF2Quick-Fix Mounting BoltSurface Mounted Easy to InstallInstallation KitKit IncludesKeeperTube mountGate stopITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM # COLORLKDRILLFIXDrilling Jig w/Tool Case LKIKIT60BLBlack38 www.sss-steel.com'