b'STPEAEGL EH HAENADDREARILS & FITTINGSFor Use w/Standard Style For Use w/Extra Wide StyleSteel Handrails Cast Iron Cast IronStandard Style Left Channel Right ChannelFor MCR1 Standard and MCR112For MCR1 Standard and MCR112 20 ft. length Extra-WideExtra-Wide Fits 1 channel or tubing SteelSteel Commercial mild steel Handrails HandrailsWeighs 25.4 lbs. ITEM# Attach to laterals shown below toAttach to laterals shown below to MCR1 create ends for handrail runs create ends for handrail runsDuctile iron channels can withstandDuctile iron channels can withstand up to 30 cold bend up to 30 cold bendA: 1-19/32 ITEM #HANDRAILCHANNELMATERIAL ITEM #HANDRAILCHANNELMATERIALB: 7/16 CI75LCSMCR1 1"Cast Iron CI75RCSMCR1 1"Cast IronC: 1/2 CI401HLMCR1 1" Ductile Iron CI401HRMCR1 1"Ductile IronD: 1 CI75LCW MCR112 1-1/2" Cast Iron CI75RCW MCR112 1-1/2" Cast Iron\x1c Cast Iron LeftCast Iron\x1f Lateral Right Lateral\x1e For MCR1 Standard and MCR112 For MCR1 Standard and MCR112 \x1d Extra-Wide Steel Handrails Extra-Wide Steel HandrailsSteel HandrailsCATALOGExtra Wide Style20 ft.length Attach to channelsAttach to channels Wide series for 1-1/2 channel,shown above toshown above to create flat or tube create ends forends for handrail runsCommercial mild steel handrail runs Ductile iron Weighs 42 lbs.Ductile iron channelschannels can withstand can withstand up toup to 30 cold bendITEM# 30 cold bendMCR112 ITEM #HANDRAILCHANNEL MATERIAL ITEM #HANDRAILCHANNELMATERIALCI55LLSMCR11"Cast Iron CI55RLS MCR1 1" Cast IronCI400HLMCR11"Ductile Iron CI400HR MCR1 1"Ductile IronCI55LLW MCR112 1-1/2" Cast Iron CI55RLWMCR1121-1/2"Cast IronA: 2-1/8 Laterals and Channels Cast Iron Volute B: 3/4 HandrailC: 1-1/4 Right EndD: 1-1/2 Lateral and RightFor straight or angled runs\x1c Channel ITEM # HANDRAIL CHANNEL WIDTH Left LateralCI4X MCR11"1-19/32"\x1f andCI4X112MCR112 1-1/2"2-1/8"\x1e Left Channel\x1d Steel Curled Leg Side DownHandrail EndCast Iron SquareLeft For straight or angle runsTerminal End Channel Length: 5-7/8" Length: 3-1/2"Leg SideHeight: 11-13/16"Overall Width: 2-1/8" DownITEM # HANDRAIL WIDTH WEIGHT ITEM # HANDRAIL WIDTH WEIGHT RightSF81213 MCR1 1-19/32" 3 lbs.ChannelCI7053 MCR11-19/32" 1 lb. SF81212MCR1122-1/8" 3.9 lbs.80 www.sss-steel.com'