b'ABPRAAGSEI VHEE AWDHEERELS AND DISCSLong Life Grinding Wheels General Purposewith Spin-On 5/8-11 Hub Cutting Wheel for Circular SawsA24R gritOur most popular wheel PerformanceGeneral purpose grinding with long lifeLonger life for fewer wheel changes A24R grit ITEM#DIAWIDTHBORE RPMPAS201634-1/2"1/4"5/8"-1113,300PAS201735"1/4"5/8"-1112,200 ITEM#DIAWIDTHBORERPMPAS200867"1/4"5/8"-118,500 PAS232347"3/32"5/8"8,500 Aluminum Chopsaw WheelsGrinding Wheels General purposecool cutting on1/4 thickness thin metalsSoft bond for aggressive Burr-free finish removal of material without loadingOutlasts competition by as much as 40%A46N gritCATALOGITEM#DIABORERPM ITEM#DIAWIDTH BORERPMPAS200624-1/2"7/8" Reinforced Hole13,300 PAS2403914"3/32"1"4,400PAS200887"5/8"-11 Threaded Hub8,500 PAS2401116"3/32"1"3,700Grinding Wheels ConcreteAbrasiveFlap WheelsAnd Cast Iron or MasonryAluminum Oxide abrasive1/4" thickness for consistentcutting actionSoft bond for fast stock removal 1/4" shankC24N Silicon carbide grain ITEM#SIZEGRITRPMCan also be used on hard to grind PA399081" x 1"6030,000metal like cast iron PA399091" x 1"8030,000PA399322" x 1"6025,000ITEM#DIABORERPM PA399332" x 1"8025,000PAS200614-1/27/8 Reinforced Hole13,300 PA399483" x 1"6020,000PAS2008775/8-11 Threaded Hub8,500 PA399493" x 1"8020,000General Purpose Super Type 27 Grinding Cup WheelThin Depressed Center A60S grit Type 11, grit 16Cutting Wheels Aluminum OxideHard bond for extremely long life for tough steel,ferrous metals applications.Fast, burr-free cutting5/8"-11threaded arbor for quick ITEM#DIAWIDTHBORERPM changePAS220114".045"5/8"13,500 4" diameter face, 3" diameter basePAS220214-1/2".045"7/8"13,300PAS220715".045"7/8"12,200 ITEM#SIZEARBORRPMPAS220537".045"7/8"8,500 PAWS4CR4/3 x 25/8-119,070246 www.sss-steel.com'