b'PACGKES H& ESAUDPEPRLIESLOLight Commercial Keyed ANSI Type Storeroom Lockset CommercialLever or Knob Electric StrikeCan be used with electric strike hardwareOutside unlocked only while key is turnedInside always freeXLK14S32D - 2-3/8" with 2-3/4" backsetKW462KN26D is 2-3/4 backsetITEM #DESCRIPTION Satin XLK14S32DKnob Storeroom Lockset Chrome4-7/8 faceplate KW462KN26DLever Storeroom Lockset Finish with 3-3/8 aux rampDeadlocking Gate Latches Fail secure16-24 AC/DCFor use on commercial Single cylinder(key/thumb turn)doors Double cylinder (key/key)Fits standard 2-1/8 hole lock boxUsed w/ electric strike hardwareCATALOGITEM #FINISHDESCRIPTION KW5883 Polished BrassSingle CylinderKW5893 Polished BrassDouble Cylinder ITEM # DESCRIPTIONKW58926DBrushed ChromeDouble Cylinder ER2012ANSI Type StrikeResidentialMortise TypeOutdoor RatedElectric Strikes CommercialElectric StrikeCan be used in conjunction with Kwik- Electric Strikeset Deadlocking Gate Latches KW5883,Stainless KW5893, KW589326D. Steel Style A: Style B:1-3/8 wide8-16 Volt3-1/2 tall 1-1/4 wide Faceplate: 2-3/4 deep 5-7/8 tall1-1/4" x 4-7/8"Fail secure 1-9/16 deep Fail secure/safe Style AFail secure field reversibleStrike 1,000,000 Style B Strike life cyclesCavity dimen-sions:Mortise type7/8" D Weldable6-7/8 radius 1-1/2" H Lockbox corner face plate 3/4" WFail secure Mortise type 16-24 AC/DC backset Use on11/16" Dcommercial ITEM #DESCRIPTION doorsER005 Style A Electric Strike ITEM # DESCRIPTIONER001 Style B Electric Strike ITEM # DESCRIPTION ER400 Right Hand Outdoor StrikeLBESWeldable Lockbox for A ER2678 Mortise Type Strike ER400LLeft Hand Outdoor Strike30 www.sss-steel.com'