b'LEPVAEGLIEN HGE TAODOELRSMagnetic PolycastAluminum Levels Torpedo LevelStrong, accurate 9" Polycast frameAvailable in 24" and 48" ITEM #DESCRIPTION Strong holding magnetic edge andAluminum I-Beam frame WSL2424 Aluminum Level vials read plumb, level and 45.Top read window WSL4848 Aluminum Level ITEM #DESCRIPTIONWSMTL9" Torpedo LevelPolysquare Rafter SquareConvenient conversionPolycasttablesLightweight, butPostdurable PolycastLevel material stands Contour Gaugeup to every- Can duplicate any profileday useCATALOG Bright yellow color The pins slide to conform toSturdy, high impact Polycastirregular surfaces.construction ITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM#SIZEDurable vials read plumb and level WSRLRafter Square HT1516936 x 3-1/2Establish plumb or level on decks,Magnetic Polycast fences, support poles Protractor Pipe GuidesITEM #DESCRIPTIONWSMPLPost Level Magnetic baseMagnetic!and back for Hands-Free Combinationreading onSquare Ferrous surfacesEasy readingdial with adjustable angle pointer.Built-in angle pitch calculator on back.THREE SIZESPOLYCAST construction.ITEM#DESCRIPTION Two double-sided templates create WSMP Magnetic Protractor four different cutting guides at 45, Pipe Wrap 90, & 22.5 Flexible with a metal, magnetic Twelve-inch steel blade withManufactured outforever hinge that is almost pencil guide uses self-aligningof flexible gasketindestructibledrawbolt for easy blade material Lightweight & durableinstallation. Machined Reasonablyhead with acrylic vial. resistant to heatITEM #DESCRIPTIONand cold. WS178SFits 1-7/8 OD pipeITEM#SIZEPIPE SIZE WS238SFits 2-3/8" OD pipeWS1522-1/2" W x 24" L1" to 3" WS278SFits 2-7/8" OD pipe ITEM#DESCRIPTION WS1644" W x 48" L3" to 6" WS312SFits 3-1/2 OD pipe WSTS12" Combo. Square WS1764" W x 72" L3" to 10" WS412SFits 4-1/2 OD pipe 254 www.sss-steel.com'