b'FENCING ACCESSORIESWorks with Rackable PanelsLine Bracket *FastenersBlack Plastic Powder-Coated Powder-coated included Tube Plugs Swivel BracketSwivels to Either SideHigh grade plastic Fits any size Keeps dirt and moisture out of tubes fence postITEM # UOMDESCRIPTION Works with GANV1 Pair For 1 Rail / 2" Postrackable GANVC1PairFor 1-1/4Rail 2-1/2 Post panelsUniversalBracket & Fence Post Sold SeperatelyITEM #DESCRIPTION Bracket GA719421204Residential Fits 1 Rai lPowder-coated GA729421204Commercial Fits 1-1/4 RailITEM #UOMTUBE SIZE DESC. Black Powder-Coated ITEM #UOMDESCRIPTION PP12Each1/2"Picket Plug Pressed Steel GANV2 EachFor 1 Rail / 2 Post PPSQ58Each5/8"Picket PlugEach For 1-1/4 Rail / 2-1/2 Post PPSQ6Each3/4"Picket Plug Post CapsGANVC2 Flat Mount PPD210Each2"Post PlugBracket PPSQ201Each2-1/2"Post Plug Tight fitting,no welding necessaryNOTE CATALOGPPSQ6241Each3"Post PlugITEM #UOM POST SIZEDESC. Not All ItemsFits any size post GPSC2GBEa.2"Steel Post Cap Stocked At Powder-coated All Locations.ITEM #UOMDESCRIPTION Not all items stocked at GPSC212GBEa.2-1/2"Steel Post CapGANV3EachFor 1Rail GPSC3GBEa.3"Steel Post Cap Some Items all locations. May be GANVC3EachFor 1-1/4 Rail GPSC4GBEa.4"Steel Post Cap Shipped to Store for Pickup. Works with Weldable Panels Black Post Caps Black Plastic Finials Please Inquire.1 Rail Brackets Available in plasticHigh quality finial will not rustFits Classic 1 rails or powder-coated Molded from high cast iron grade plasticEconomical Fits 1/2" or 5/8 picketsNo painting ITEM #UOM PICKETDESC.necessary PSM25Ea.1/2Tri-Point SpearPSM30Ea.1/2 Ball Point FinialPSM2558Ea.5/8Tri-Point SpearPSM3058Ea.5/8 Ball Point FinialITEM #UOMRAIL SIZE Black Powder-CoatedBlack FinialsGE1BEach1 Rail Cast Iron Post CapsAvailable in plastic, ITEM #UOM POST SIZEDESC. cast iron or1-1/2 Rail Brackets X118BEach2" Ball Post Cap powder-coated X121BEach2-1/2"Ball Post Cap cast ironX120BEach3" Ball Post CapFitsBlack finishX119BEach4" Ball Post Cap Easy to install 1-1/2 rails Black Plastic Post Caps ITEM #DESCRIPTIONITEM # UOM POST SIZEDESC. PSM25343/4" Plastic Tri-PointPS807BEach2Pyramid Post Cap PSM343/4" Plastic Ball Point ITEM #RAIL SIZE X64934B 3/4" Powder-Coated Tri-PointGE2B1-1/2 Rail PS808BEach3Pyramid Post CapX9X34B3/4" Powder-Coated Ball Pointwww.sss-steel.com 315'