b'PICKETS & DECORATIVE SPEAR POINTSCrushed Spear Point Curved PicketsWe Can Customize Mtl1/2sq.Mtl1/2sq.335/64W Mtl1/2sq.To Meet Your 141/2H 117/16H 61/2H 117/16H SpecificationsZINC ZINC ZINC ZINCWt. 0.9 lb. Wt. 0.6 lb. Wt. 0.3 lb. Wt. 0.9 lb.ITEM# ITEM# ITEM# ITEM#SF88Q2 SF132C12 SF7515 SF1381N Crushed Steel Spear Point Straight Pickets1/2, 3/4, and 1 Square tube x 16 gaugeAvailable in plain, galvanizedCATALOGor red primed finish*Two stock lengths and an infinite choice of custom lengths are available* 1/2 available in plain only ITEM# SIZEFINISHMCC126BLK 1/2 " x 6\'PlainMCC128BLK 1/2 " x 8\'PlainMCC346BLK 3/4" x 6\'PlainMCC346 3/4" x 6\'Red PrimedMCC346GLV 3/4" x 6\'Galvanized In StockMCC348BLK 3/4" x 8\'PlainMCC3483/4" x 8\'Red Primed SizesMCC348GLV 3/4" x 8\'GalvanizedMCC16BLK1" x 6\'PlainMCC161" x 6\'Red PrimedMCC16GLV1" x 6\'Galvanized ITEM# SIZEFINISHMCC18BLK1" x 8\'Plain MCC348BLKARC3/4" x 92"PlainMCC181" x 8\'Red Primed MCC348ARC3/4" x 92"Red PrimedMCC18GLV1" x 8\'Galvanized MCC348GLVARC3/4" x 92"GalvanizedMtl3/8sq.Mtl1/2sq. ZINC ZINC3/4 335/64WMtl1/2sq.Mtl1/2sq. H 21/8 2 H ZINC ZINC ZINCWt. 0.1 lb. Wt. 0.3 lb. 79/32H 77/8H 77/8HWt. 0.5 lb. Wt. 0.4 lb. Wt. 0.4 lb.ITEM# ITEM# ITEM# ITEM# ITEM#SF894 SF1272 SF7511 SF1298 SF12912www.sss-steel.com 91'