b'MIPGA WGEE LHDEIANDGE ERQUIPMENTMultimatic235MillermaticMillermatic 350PWelder w/EZ-Latch252 MIG WelderRunning Gear 240V Note: Multimatic 235 not compatible with wireless hand controlAuto-Gun Detect 14-pin controlled operator alternativeDC Pulseadjustable from Off150 pulses per second (PPS) MIG (GMAW)Flux-core (FCAW)CATALOGTIG Post-Flowadjustable Welds steel 22GA - 1/2DC Lift-Arc 300A 60% duty cycleMIG (GMAW)flux core (FCAW) Welds Material From Amp range 25 - 400TIG DC (GTAW-DC)/ Stick (SMAW) Auto-gun detect 22 Gauge To 1/2 Inches 240 V, single-phase Fan on demand Thick in a Single PassMIG: 170 A at 22.5 V, 60% duty cycleCompatible with Stick: 150 A at 26 V, 60% duty cycleSpoolmate 200MIG (GMAW)Flux-cored (FCAW)TIG: 180 A at 17.2 V, 60% duty cycle Series Spool Gun -See Page 268 Steel welding 24ga - 1/2Complete with: Three-phase AMP range 25-400Power source w/ 7 ft. power cord Perfect For 15 ft. 250-amp MDX-250 MIG gun w/ Fabrication,Bernard AccuLock MDX consumablesManufacturing, for .030/.035 in. wire Maintenance And Repair10 ft. cable w/electrode holder & 50 mm Dinse-style connector10 ft. work cable w/clamp & 50 mm Dinse-style connectorFlow gauge regulator and gas hose for argon or AR/CO2 mix Auto Gun Automatically Detects And Extra contact tips Recalls The Voltage, Wire Feed Speed .030/.035 in. reversible drive rolls And Timer Of The Active GunEZ-Latch single-cylinder running gear Complete with:Chain to secure gas cylinder Complete with: 15ft Bernard Q300 gunMaterial Thickness Gauge 15ft M-25 MIG gun 10ft work cable and clampMIG: 24 ga.3/8 in. steel 10ft work cable w/clamp 10ft power cord18 ga.3/8 in. aluminum Flow gauge regulator and gas hose Flow gauge regulator and gas hoseDC stick: 16 ga.3/8 in. steel 10ft power cord; 205 lbs Factory installed running gearDC Lift-Arc TIG: 24 ga.1/4 in. steelITEM# MILLER # ITEM# MILLER # ITEM# MILLER #MI951846 951 846 MI907321 907 321 MI350P907 300268 www.sss-steel.com'