b'ALUMINUM HANDRAILS & ACCESSORIESAluminum MoldedAluminum Straight Aluminum Beveled Volute Lambs Tongue Lambs TongueITEM# ITEM# ITEM#AC4X Use with 13/4"Wide Rail AC5XLUse with 13/4"Wide RailAC6XLUse with 13/4"Wide RailAC4XWUse with 21/4"Wide Rail AC5XLW Use with 21/4"Wide RailAC6XLW Use with 21/4"Wide Rail Aluminum Handrail Extruded Aluminum Aluminum Ball20 FT Handrail Bracket Point Spears3-7/8 TallFour flute design Mill Finish Matte finish ITEM#FITS CATALOGSaddle fits 1.50" thruAC9XAL 1/2"3.00" OD and flat surfaces AC9X34AL 3/4"Meets codes requiring a 1-1/2" minimum clearance Aluminum between handrail and wall aswell as under side of handrail andPost Caps1- 3/4 " Wide horizontal bracket arm Find AdditionalAluminum Post Caps on ITEM# Page 60 MCR1AL20 1-3/4 Wide ITEM#SIZE AC807AL 2" x 2" AC808AL 3" x 3" AC809AL 4" x 4" Aluminum Baluster21/4 " Wide CollarsITEM# ITEM #WALL OFFSETBASE SIZE MCR112AL20 2-1/4 Wide SCAL81032-1/2"2" x 2-5/8"ITEM# SQ. SIZETYPEAluminum BarAluminum Spear AC68312AL1/2"AluminumAC68358AL5/8"AluminumChannel AC68334AL3/4"Aluminum4-1/4" Tall Aluminum Newell Post BallsITEM# SQUARE SIZE ITEM#SQ. SIZETYPE AC118AL2" ITEM# DIMENSIONS AC649AL1/2"Aluminum AC120AL3" ALC1121820 1 xx 1/8 x 20ft AC64958AL5/8"AluminumALC112121820 1-1/2 xx 1/8 x 20ftAC649SAL3/4"Aluminum AC119AL4" www.sss-steel.com 83'