b'CLPAAMGPEI NHGEA/LDOECRKING PLIERSThe Original Locking C-Clamps with Regular TipsThe OriginalThe Original LongCurved JawITEM #SIZEJAW CAP. Nose Locking Pliers Locking Pliers WS6R 6"2-1/8" ITEM # SIZEJAW CAP. WS11R 11"3-3/8" ITEM #SIZEJAW CAP. WS7CR7"1-5/8"WS18R 18"8" WS6LN 6 2 WS10CR10" 1-7/8"The Original The OriginalThe Original Large Locking WeldingLocking SheetJaw Locking Pliers Clamp Metal ToolsCATALOGITEM #SIZE THROATJAWJAW ITEM #SIZE THROATJAWJAW DEPTHCAP.WIDTH DEPTHCAP.WIDTH ITEM #SIZEJAW CAP.WS9R 8" 1-3/4"1-5/8"1-3/4" WS8R 8 1-3/41/23-1/8 WS12LC12" 3-1/8"JointMaster Angle Joining Tools Quickly, easily set-up T-joints and cornersPL Series PA SeriesPL Series Position the Adjustable Joint- PA SeriesRight Angle JointMaster is a fast, precise andMaster fixture from 30-275. affordable single-handSimply adjust to the desired corner joining tool. Langle, and lock into position Handle quickly adjusts andusing the handle. Join round, or tightens pivoting head toflat workpieces, or materials with clamp workpieces. different thicknesses. ITEM #THROATCAPACITYLENGTHSERIESSUPPLIED PLIERSHTPL6343"1-1/4"8"PL3" Throat, 4" OpeningHTPA6343"1-1/4"8"PA3" Throat, 4" OpeningAviation SnipsBlades are made of drop forged chromium steel and are precision ground for superior cutting quality. Straight cutting compound leverage snip.Cuts left and straight Cuts right and straight Cuts left, right & straightITEM# ITEM# ITEM#HT152506 HT152507 WSM3R250 www.sss-steel.com'