b'TOP MOUNT CANTILEVER GATE SYSTEMAll Steel Top Mount Cantilever Gate System Guide TrackTrack Mounts to TOP of GateMEDIUM DUTYGalvanizedWIDTH: 2-7/16 HEIGHT: 2-7/16THICKNESS: 1/8 LENGTH: 236ITEM # DUTY Cantilever Gate RollersHAC345M Medium Weight Capacity: 24 FT Gate Opening / 600LBSBracket forTOP MOUNT Width: 3-1/16Length: 10-5/8GuideCATALOGTrack HAC345M (see above)Support bracket for Item # HA345M9-WHEELSITEM # DESCRIPTIONHAC3019MT Top Mount Support Track RollerGate Roller Bracket for Round PostITEM # DESCRIPTIONHAC130621 BracketUsed w/HA345MBottom Guide Roller for 4 OD Round Pipe ITEM # DESCRIPTIONor Square Post 4 OD round bracket for gate roller HAC11201R Top Mnt Roller for Round PostGate Roller Bracket for Square PostPhoto Shown is for Round PipeDetailed Diagrams with Dimensions available at www.tsdistributors.comITEM #DESCRIPTION SIZE HAD150SQUARE-Bottom Guide Roller4 SQ 4 OD square bracket for gate roller ITEM # DESCRIPTIONHAD160ROUND- Bottom Guide Roller 4OD HAC11241SQ Top Mnt Roller for Square Postwww.sss-steel.com 51'