b'STPAAINGLEE HSESA SDTEREL RAILING SYSTEMStainless Steel Round Bar and AccessoriesEasy, AccurateSTAINLESS STEEL 1/2 InstallationsROUND TUBING - 19-8316 STAINLESS STEEL For Exterior Use 1/16 ThicknessITEM # GRADESFEV1056000 304 Stainless304 STAINLESS STEEL For Interior Use Complete with: Pivotal Handrail SupportRound Bar SupportMounting Plate with SOLID Flange CanopyStainless Steel Round BarFor enclosing handrail systems ITEM #DIAMETERLENGTH 1.662 3/8CATALOG1/2" diameter with ground finish SFE0051/2 Solid 910Available in two lengths SFE00560001/2 Solid 198 150BOTTOM FLANGE BOTTOM FLANGE BOTTOM STRAIGHT 90 STRAIGHT LINEFLANGE CORNER POSTPOSTBENT LINE 39-3/8 with 9 39-3/8 with 9 POST ROUND BAR ROUND BAR39-3/8 39-3/8 3 15/16 39-3/839-3/8HOLDERS 4 HOLDERS 4 with 11 ROUND BAR HOLDERS3 1/89-7/8ITEM # GRADE ITEM #GRADE ITEM #GRADESFEM242120990 304 Stainless SFEM2421209304 Stainless SFEW2421211S 304 StainlessSFEM442120990 316 Stainless SFEM4421209316 Stainless SFEW4421211S 316 Stainless190 www.sss-steel.com'