b'STAINLESS STEEL RAILING SYSTEMSwageless MaleDome Head Crimp Threaded Terminal ForTerminal For 5M Wire 5M Wire Rope Rope 316 Stainless316 Stainless AA B CTHREAD: M 1/4 NUT: M 3/8ITEM # ROPEA ITEM #ROPE AB CSFETSM10 13/64 4-11/64 SFETTB0513/64 1-9/161/2 5/16Threaded TerminalsA A5M 5M316 StainlessInternal & external threaded options Used to end cable runs at the or turnbuckleCATALOGITEM # TYPEROPE A THREADSFETF05DX Internal RH13/64dia2-23/64 5 mm SFETM05DXExternal RH13/64dia2-23/64 5 mmSFETF04DX Internal RH5/32dia2-23/64 5 mmSFETF04SX InternalLH5/32dia2-23/64 5 mm SFETF05SX InternalLH13/64dia2-23/64 5 mmSFETM05SXExternalLH13/64dia2-23/64 5 mmAdjustable Cable with 1/4 Threads Allows for adjustment at any angle316 StainlessITEM # SFED05316Custom Drilling & TappingWe offer custom drilling and tapping on our stainless steel posts and newels. Let us take care of this step before it is shipped or picked up. We can also do offset drilling for corners and angled applications. Great for cable or round bar systems!www.sss-steel.com 187'