b'GATE & SLIDING DOOR HARDWARESliding Door Track & Roller SystemThe Sliding Door Track & Roller System works with items in this section only.Standard Duty Standard Duty Sliding Door TrackRedWheel Dimensions 5-3/8"Long Primed2" Tall SteelTrolley WheelsSteel bearingsFor sliding door track HA301 Track19.6LengthSold in set of two hangers.ITEM # Heavy Duty 1-3/4" SaveCATALOGHA303W OD: Money x 2 2-1/4" Using 2-1/2"Trolley Wheels Red Double Track Primed BracketUsed in conjunction with sliding door track HA301 (above) ITEM #LENGTH SteelFor HA301 track. Sold in sets of two hangers. HA301RP19.6 feetITEM # ITEM #DUTY RATINGHA301B22 HA302 Standard Duty Standard DutyHA306HHeavy Duty Galvanized SteelAdjustable FaceSliding Door TrackMount Track Face MountFor HA 301 track. Sliding Door 1-3/4"ITEM # Track BracketHA301B12 Made fromOD : 2-1/2" x 2galvanized steelAdjustable DoorITEM # 2-1/4"Guide/Stop HA301BExpandableFor doorsStay Rollerfrom 2-1/2"Galvanized steel trolley trackto 6" thick Fabricated from 3/16"Max. capacity 400 lbs.Mountszinc plated steel, ad-sidewaysjusts from 1" to 3-3/4"Stocked in 12 and 24 lengthsfor use for range of as a stop door widths. ITEM #LENGTHITEM # ITEM # HA3011212 feetHA301B50HA301B40HA30124 feetwww.sss-steel.com 49'