b'GATE LATCHES LokkLatch Gravity LatchesAdjusts Vertically & Horizontally|Vinyl & Stainless Steel ComponentsLokkLatchLokkLatch DeluxeSuited for:MetalWoodVinylEasily locked and opened from Optional External Access Kitboth sides of gateAllows Main Latch ToRe-keyable, 6-pin security locksOperate Outside The Fence 100% rust proof Fully adjustableStrong & 100% rust proof Quick & easy install CATALOG No need for padlocks One model fits all square posts and Fits all gate materials gate framesITEM #COLORDESCRIPTION Fits posts up to 6 deepHA9M3 BlackLokkLatch OnlyITEM #COLORDESCRIPTIONHA9M4 Black Latch w/Access Kit HAMLLDABBlackFor Metal/Wood/VinylLokkLatch Pro-SL LokkLatch Magnetic Tru-Close Polymer Gate HandlePatentedSuited for:Push/Pull Action MetalMagneticWoodLocks from Both Sides Self-Latching Self-Locking System VinylRequires key to enter/exit No visible fastenersOperates & locks from bothFits 1-1/2 - 6 square postssides of gateOperates & locks from both sides Re-keyable, 6-pin security locks100% rust proof of the gate Designed to fit all types of gates & Fully adjustable Dual 6-pin re-keyable locks gate materialsFits posts up to 6 wide Vertical & horizontal adjustment For left and right opening gatesITEM# COLORDESCRIPTION ADA Compliant Color is blackHAMLLP1SBlack For Metal or Wood ITEM # DESCRIPTION ITEM # DESCRIPTIONHAMLLP2SBlack For Vinyl HALLMBTMagnetic Latching System HIGHMLLHPolymer Gate Handlewww.sss-steel.com 25'