b'METALLIC FINISHES AND COATINGSGun Metal Blue Copper Coating Copper PlateCopper CoatingCopper Coating with patina on plasticRequires no plating equipment or Colors range from steely gray to, darkspecial trainingblue/black Works on steel and steel alloysWill work with steel, steel alloys andContains real copper flakes May be applied by spray or CATALOGmany other metals Works with Patina Oxidizer immersionColor range achieved by time treatedUnsealed, it will tarnish or patinaor immersed like copperITEM#SIZEITEM#SIZE ITEM#SIZE MCPR401 QuartMCPR511 Quart MCPR441 Quart MCPR401G1 GallonMCPR511G1 Gallon MCPR441G1 GallonRust Arrest Gold Coating Spra-Tool Stops chemical reactionDisposable Spray Neutralizing agent thatGun Kithelps neutralize oxidation on pieces treated with ourGold metal finishes Coating Not for use on metallic coatings Recommended for use with copperplate and rainbow torch with patina Gold ITEM#SIZE Coating MCPR458 OuncesMCPR45Q1 Quart on Gloss Acrylicplastic Complete with interchangeable Sealer tips for fine, regular or high volume delivery.Preserves finishesContains real copper flakes Good for most liquids including A glossy, clear coatWorks with Patina Oxidizer acrylic, latex and epoxy paints, sealer Unsealed, it will tarnish or patina chemicals, pesticides and more. like copper Resealable jar and fast easy clean up.ITEM#DESCRIPTIONITEM#SIZE ITEM#SIZE HT8209Spray-Tool KitMCPR491 Quart MCPR421 Quart HT8211Extra Power PackMCPR491G1 Gallon MCPR421G1 Gallon HT8212Jar with Capwww.sss-steel.com 263'