b'CAPSATG IER OHNEA PDOESRTS, BASES & COLLARSPosts - Raphael Philadelphian Victorian CrownThese do not Bolt. Should be Tack Welded 3-1/2 W x 12 HIn twoFourTwo1-1/4 Hole is 8pieces forpieces pieces 12 Deep inside crownfabricator ease Top in4.25 lbs.ToponeThis Crown Fits Below Top in241/2 in27 piece Post Item # CI8192onetwo piece pieces 28ITEM# CI8191 23/4ID Each item is cast and 13/4ID sold in halves with7/8 hole through27/8ID center when matched241/2301/4 Bottom231/2Bottom19in onein twoBottom in Roman piece pieces one piece Post3-1/2 W x 30-1/4 H35/8ID 23/4ID 27/8ID 1-1/4 Hole is 7 Deep CATALOG 5 Octagonal Base 4 Sq. Base 4-1/2 Sq. Base inside bottom of post47 H x 5" W 51.5 lbs. 51-1/2 H x 4" W 77 lbs. 47 H 65 lbs. Roman Post 14 lbs. ITEM# ITEM# ITEM# ITEM#CI9115X CI9116 CI9113X This Post Fits Above CI8192Crown Item # CI8191Pineapple Post Decorative Collars & Bases& Top Base BaseFits over 3 round 5-1/2sq base11/8 ID one pieceOne piece-8 sided 3-1/2 IDsits on top 8-1/2 H x 6W 3-1/2 deep17 lbs. 6 lbs. ITEM# ITEM# CI8397CI9103 3 H2-1/4 W 1.75 lbs.36 Collar For 4Column BaseTwo halfStandard PipeSectionsFits 4 sq.you weld Cast in halves to fit around new or existing5-3/8 H1-1/8 W x 8 H 6-1/8 sq OD53/44-3/4ID at bottom10.25 lbs. 10 lbs. ITEM#ITEM# 39 H x 4" W20 lbs. CI9102 CI83981-1/8ID Sold in pairs.Sold in pairs.ITEM#Two half sections thatTwo half sections that CI8194you weld together. you weld together.226 www.sss-steel.com'