b'MPEACGHEA HNEICAADLE &R PUSH BUTTON LOCKSEE1000 SeriesSimplex MechanicalL1000 Series Double-SidedEntry Lever forSingle-Sided Keypad Keypad Entry Exit Device Lever FixedEntrySatinADA-CompliantSatin Chrome Lever Chrome Finish Satin ChromeFinishFinish1/2 throw latch 2-3/4backsetHeavy-dutySingle access code cast front housing Programmable withoutWith knobs (field reversible)Heavy-duty mounting plate removing lock5/8 throw latchDoor width; 1-3/8" to 2-3/4" 5/8 throw latch 2-3/4 backset Vandal resistant 2-3/4 backsetITEM # DESCRIPTION ITEM # DESCRIPTION L1000 Door HandingMCLU1011EE Double-Sided Mech. MCLULP1010LLeft Hand Handle Lock is not field reversible.WeldableMCLULP1010RRight Hand HandleYou must specify the handing of your Lockbox forWorks withthis Heavy-Duty Exitdoor for the L1000 Series Single Sided CATALOGMCLU1011EE Pushbar (Item # GTMF18RBAL) Keypad Lever Entry. ITEM # Look at the door in its closed position LB1000EE See Page 39 for Details from the exterior (push button side),and use the corresponding diagram.900 Series1000 Series Single-SidedSingle-Sided KeypadKeypad Entry EntrySatinSatin ChromeChromeFinish FinishSingle access code Programmable withoutremoving lock With knobs Field reversible latch(field reversible) Latch hold back5/8 throw latch Lock option - 1 throwdeadbolt Lock option - 5/8 throw latch 2-3/4 backset ITEM # DESCRIPTIONITEM # DESCRIPTION ITEM # DESCRIPTION MCLU1011LLeft Hand HandleMCLU900 Single-Sided Mech. MCLU1011 Single-Sided Mech. MCLU1011RRight Hand HandleWeldableWeldableWeldable Lockbox for Lockbox forLockbox for 900 Series MCLU1011 L1000 SeriesITEM # ITEM # ITEM #LB900 LB1000 LB100034 www.sss-steel.com'