b'HPAANGDER HAEILA BDREARCKETSHeavy Duty Stamped Steel3/16"Handrail Bracket STEEL!Can be used with roundor square handrailsStamped from 3/16" black steelOffset: Wall to Center of Handrail Extruded Aluminum ITEM #OFFSETSC35B3" Handrail BracketStamped Matte finishSteel Handrail1/8" Saddle fits 1.50" thru 3.00"Bracket STEEL! OD and flat surfacesCan be used with round or square handrailsStamped from 1/8" steelOffset: Wall to Center of CATALOGHandrailITEM #OFFSET ITEM #WALL OFFSETBASE SIZESC35BRP2-5/8" SCAL81032-1/2"2" x 2-5/8"Cast IronStainless Steel HandrailDesigner Heavy DutyBracket Wall-Mounted Handrail SupportFor square handrailsTextured finishOffset: Wall to Center of HandrailITEM #OFFSETCI3A2-3/8"CI3B3"Extra Heavy Wall to Center of HandrailDuty StampedSC1938: 3 Steel HandrailSC1930: 2-1/2Bracket 90 fixed position1/4" 304 stainless steel with satin finishStamped from 1/4" steel STEEL! Four piece set includes flange, Offset: Wall to Centerflange cover, elbow, and railof Handrail Wall Mount Hole Dia.mounting plate.ITEM #OFFSET SC1938: 3/8Offset: Wall to Center of HandrailSC19383" SC1930: 7/16 ITEM #WALL OFFSET FLANGE ELBOWSC19302-1/2 SFE022S3-1/4"2-1/2"3/4"64 www.sss-steel.com'