b'FASTENERS, BITS & DRIVERSHex HeadOne-WayTorx Tamper-Lag Screws Lag Screws Resistant ScrewsType A Threaded full lengthHardened Hardened, Type A Simple to installBlack finish Can only be removedCan be installedwith installation toolITEM #SIZE with screwdriver orThreaded full lengthHL1411/4" x 1" Power Bit Black finishHL14112 1/4" x 1-1/2"HL1421/4" x 2"HL1431/4" x 3" ITEM #SIZEHL51615/16" x 1" OW141121/4" x 1-1/2"HL51625/16" x 2" OW142 1/4" x 2" ITEM #SIZEHL51635/16" x 3" OW14212 1/4" x 2-1/2" TX141121/4" x 1 1/2"HL51645/16" x 4" OW143 1/4" x 3" TX1421/4" x 2"HL3823/8" x 2" OW5162 5/16" x 2" TX1431/4" x 3"HL3833/8" x 3" OW5163 5/16" x 3"HL3843/8" x 4" One Way Driver Bits Security Torx Driver Bit CATALOGFor fast installation of one-way screwsPower Drivers for Used with bitholder for installationHex Lag Screws ITEM #DESCRIPTION of Torx tamper-resistant screws.ITEM #DESCRIPTION PB14Small for 1/4 screws ITEM #DESCRIPTIONPB14HDriver for 1/4" Screws PB516Large for 5/16" screws PBT40T40 Torx BitLag-Shield All-Thread Rod Use in mortar jointor concreteUse with: Lag boltMagnetic Bit HolderMade of: Zinc alloy For Torx or other bits.PlatedITEM # SIZE Bits not included. Length36 inchesRA10511/4" Short ITEM #DESCRIPTIONRA10551/4" Long PA935511/4" Magnetic Bit HolderRA11015/16" ShortRA11055/16" Long SIZE 3/8" ITEM # Rod HLAT383RA11513/8" Short Hand Bit Driver NutHLAT38NRA11553/8" Long For Torx or other bits.Washer HLAT38WBits not included. SIZE 1/2" ITEM # Projection Clips ITEM #DESCRIPTION RodHLAT123For screens or storm window panel PB14HD1/4" Hand Bit Driver NutHLAT12NWill not rust, Washer HLAT12Ware corrosion Phillips PanSIZE 5/8" ITEM # resistant Head Screws RodHLAT583Screws not NutHLAT58Nincluded Black finish Washer HLAT58WITEM #SIZE SIZE 3/4" ITEM # ITEM #SCREW SIZEDESCRIPTION HL903#8 x 1-1/4" RodHLAT343 HL5003#10Black 5/16 Wing Clip HL905#10 x 1" Nut HLAT34N HL5002#8Black 3/8 Wing Clip HL908#10 x 2" Washer HLAT34Wwww.sss-steel.com 57'