b"SEPLAFG-CE LHOESAIDNEGR HINGESTruClose Self-Closing Hinges Sold in PairsWith or Without Quick-FitAlignment Legs REINFORCINGPATENTED Measurement between RIBS ADJUSTOR hinge legs is 13/16 from Molded ribs provideDepress for tension.outside to outside lipssuperior torsionalRises back into and lateral leafsleeve to retainTwo legs provide strength.tension. secure, double-face fixing STYLISH FLATINTERNAL FINISH STAINLESS Textured blackSTEEL SPRING Safety finish gives aProvides even stylish, modernclosing tension forCaplook. gates. Cap's steep STRENGTH MOLDED HINGEramp will deter AND STYLE BODYSubtle designStrong & rust-free. a toddler from scaling features such asUV-stabilized fence or reaching the latchradius cornerspolymers withprovides strengthglass-fiber ITEM #DESCRIPTIONCATALOGand style. reinforcement.HITCACAPS3 STANDARDHITCHDCAPS3 HEAVY-DUTYCAP SOLD SEPARATELYTCHD1A-MK2 TCA1-MK2 TCA2-MK2 SHOWN HERE WITH LEGSSHOWN HERESHOWN HERE WITHOUT LEGS WITHOUT LEGS Regular DutyHeavy Duty Regular DutyMetal to Metal Metal to Metal Metal to WoodMetal to MetalNo FastenersNo Fasteners included includedMaxi Load:Maxi Load:No Fasteners included700 lbs /1000 lbs. w/ legs450 lbs / 550 lbs. w/ legsMaxi Load: 450 lbs /550 lbs. w/ legs Gate Weight: 132 lbs. Gate Weight: 55 lbs. Gate Weight: 55lbs. ITEM#COLOR LEGSDESCRIPTION ITEM #COLORLEGSDESCRIPTION ITEM #COLORLEGS DIMENSIONSHIT1BlackNone3-1/2 x 5 HITCA1 BlackNone 2-1/2x 3-13/16HITCA2Black None3-7/8 x 3-3/4 HIT2BlackTwo3-1/2 x 5 HITCA1L2 Black Two2-1/2x 3-13/16HITCA2L2Black Two 3-7/8 x 3-3/4Aluminum Self Closing Gate Hinges Sold in Pairs HAKF3ABLPowdered-coated aluminum hingesD&D-patented tension adjustmentFor gates up to 44 lbs Find aHAKF3L2BLWall and Post Mounting styles Selection Tested over 300,000 cycles of D & D Latches 2 year warranty on Pages 22-23ITEM # DESCRIPTIONHAKF3L2BL Post Mounting Self Closing Gate HingeHAKF3ABL Wall Mounting Self Closing Gate Hinge14 www.sss-steel.com"