b'GPAATGE ER OHLELAEDRESRPremium Heavy-Duty Cantilever AxleGate Rollers BearingsIncludes heavy-duty ABS cover to protect rollers and bearings in all weather conditionsIncludes strong magnets to help position the roller when mountingQuick mount magnetic baseGalvanized metal components for long lasting performance. Machined 7" dia nylon roller provides smooth operation. Also feature 1-1/8" axles and heavy-duty bearings. ABS covers can be mounted on top or bottom.Sealed Bearings Nylon CantileverIncludes Gate Rollers forHeavy-DutyRound Tube Gate Cover ShownFrameAbove RoundNylonSquareNylonFits 2-3/8 O.D. frameGate Roller Gate Roller 6 diameter wheelCATALOGITEM IDGATE FRAME OD POST SIZE For 2 square gate frame and 4Includes U-bolts for round post HA55R2-3/8" Round3" Round square postHA522-3/8" Round4" Round ITEM IDGATE FRAME ODPOST SIZE ITEM #GATE FRAME ODPOST SIZEHA582-3/8" Round6-5/8" Round HA512" Square4" Square HA59 2-3/8" OD 4" RoundCast Iron IndustrialGeneral DutySafety RollerMini Cantilever Roller CoverSteel Gate RollerFor use with the nyloncantilevergate rollersConstructed 2-1/2 O.D. postof plastic materials1-5/8" O.D. gate frame5 wheel Gate rollerIncludes U-bolts for round post For 1-5/8 O.D. pipe not included ITEM # GATE FRAME POST SIZE ITEM # FOR POST SIZE ITEM #FOR POST SIZEHA31 1-5/8" OD2-1/2" Round HA201-5/8" OD Pipe HA56C4" RoundIndustrial Ductile IronU-Bolt SetsCantilever Gate Roller Greasable BearingsUsed to mount rollers on square or round For 3 & 4 round O.D.posts6 wheel and bracket Includes two square Includes U-bolts or two round U-bolts, washers and nutsITEM #GATE FRAMEPOST SIZE ITEM #FOR POST SIZEHA322-3/8" OD3" Round O.D. HA54SQ 4" SquareHA332-3/8" OD4" Round O.D. HA54RD4" Round46 www.sss-steel.com'