b'PRPAEMGEIU HME AVD-GERROOVE TRACK & WHEELSPremium 4" Steel V-Groove WheelsDouble sealed bear-ings1-3/8 width9/16 bolt and nut includedPlated finishRecommended for use with Steel V-Groove Track HAC293ITEM #DESCRIPTIONPremium 5-1/2"HAC305V1004" V-Groove Wheel Light Duty 2" Steel Steel V-GrooveBox For Premium 4"V-Groove WheelsWheels Steel V-Groove Wheels (HAC305V100)Double sealed bearings 3/8 bolt and nut included1-3/4 width Weldable Plated finish5/8 bolt and nut included 4-3/8 x 3 xRecommended for use with SteelPlated finish 1-1/2 heavyV-Groove Track HAC293CATALOGRecommended for use with Steelgauge steelV-Groove Track HAC293ITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTIONHAC305V1405-1/2 V-Grove Wheel HAC100Box For HAC305V100 HAC300D502" V-Groove WheelGalvanized Steel4" SteelV-Groove V-GrooveTrack Wheels4" Steel V-Groove WheelsWith mounting platesDouble sealed bearing constructionWith mounting bracket Weldable plates allow for easy inser-Heavy duty double sealed bearings tion into 2 wide tube frameMounts on 1 or wider tube frame 1 wide wheel2 width low profile, 236" long Plated finish 2 total frame width1/8 thickness Recommended for use with Steel Recommended for use with Steel Hole spacing is 18" on center V-Groove Track HAC293 V-Groove Track HAC293Galvanized finishITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTION ITEM #DESCRIPTIONHAC293Steel V-Groove Track HAC326V1004" V-Groove Wheel HAC333D1004" V-Groove Wheel44 www.sss-steel.com'